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Mighty Joe Young is a 1949 film about a young woman who has raised a giant gorilla from an infant who brings him to Hollywood years later seeking her fortune in order to save her family's ranch.

Directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack. Written by Ruth Rose.

== Dialogue ==
Max O'Hara: We're goin' to Africa- we're gonna lassoo lions.
Windy: But Maxie, you can buy all the lions you want in California!
Windy: [Dramatically] But don't you understand? I'm going to be in terrible danger - in darkest Africa!Jill Young: [after O'Hara and Crawford have fled] Aren't you afraid of Joe?
Gregg Johnson: I sure am, but I don't want him to know it.

== Taglines ==
Merian Cooper's amazing adventure in the unusual!
Ten Terrific Thrills!
You See It All Happen!
Striking! Startling! Staggering!

== Cast ==
Terry Moore — Jill Young
Ben Johnson — Gregg
Robert Armstrong — Max O'Hara
Frank McHugh — Windy
Douglas Fowley — Jones
Denis Green — Crawford
Paul Guilfoyle — Smith
Nestor Paiva — Brown
Regis Toomey — John Young

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