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Gorilla at Large is a 1954 film about a man who is murdered, apparently by a carnival gorilla...or someone in a gorilla suit.

Directed by Harmon Jones. Written by Leonard Praskins and Barney Slater.

== Dialogue ==
Sgt. Garrison: You've always been this alert, Shaughnessy?
Shaughnessy: Always on my toes!
Sgt. Garrison: Well, get off 'em. You're a cop, not a ballet dancer.

== Taglines ==
From the highest point of the carnival midway...he unleashes a terror never known by mortal man before!
Get out of his way - Before it's too late!
The hate-beast who lives to kill is loose!

== Cast ==
Cameron Mitchell — Joey Matthews
Anne Bancroft — Laverne Miller
Lee J. Cobb — Detective Sergeant Garrison
Raymond Burr — Cy Miller
Charlotte Austin — Audrey Baxter
Peter Whitney — Kovacs, the gorilla's keeper
Lee Marvin — Shaughnessy, Policeman
Warren Stevens — Joe, Detective
John Kellogg — Morse
Charles Tannen — Owens

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