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Mr. Moto's Last Warning is a 1939 film about a detective that thwarts a ruthless band of international agents who try to foment an international incident by mining the entrance to the Suez Canal and blaming the British.

Directed by Norman Foster. Written by Philip MacDonald and Norman Foster.

== Dialogue ==
Admiral Lord Streetly: The two French squadrons are here now, Benthum, off Tunis. They plan to sail directly to Port Said and proceed through the canal and join our fleet for their maneuvers in the Red Sea.
Bentham: When exactly will they reach the canal?
Admiral Lord Streetly: We had a wire from the French Admiral this morning, says, "Fleet arrives Port Said, 23 o'clock, 16 instant, compliments, Delacour Admiral, Commanding."
Bentham: That's even less time than I thought. Isn't it possible to delay them somehow?Danforth - aka Richard Burke: Moto, I'm beginning to believe all the stories I've heard about you.
Mr. Kentaro Moto: Please do not. I do not.

== Cast ==
Peter Lorre — Mr. Kentaro Moto
Ricardo Cortez — Fabian the Great
Virginia Field — Connie Porter
John Carradine — Danforth - aka Richard Burke
George Sanders — Eric Norvel
Joan Carroll — Mary 'Marie' Delacour
Robert Coote — Rollo Venables
Margaret Irving — Madame Delacour
Leyland Hodgson — Captain Bert Hawkins
John Davidson — Hakim
Teru Shimada — the Fake Mr. Moto

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