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The Black Room is a 1935 film about a man who seeks to maintain his feudal power on his Tyrolean estate by murdering and impersonating his benevolent younger twin.

Directed by Roy William Neill. Written by Henry Myers and Arthur Strawn.

== Dialogue ==
Col. Paul Hassel: [Playing chess] Your attack is weak as your brother Gregor's was brilliant. Chess, by the way, was the only virtue I ever discovered in him.
Baron Gregor de Bergmann: I received a letter today from him from Warsaw. Most of it was devoted to begging me to send his love to you, Colonel.
Col. Paul Hassel: His love to me? Well, if I have to accept it, I'd rather have it by post than any way I can think of.Baron Gregor de Bergmann: [as Anton lies dying in the well of the Black Room] Goodbye, brother. There's nothing to fear now. The prophecy can't be fulfilled.
Anton de Bergmann: [With certitude] It will be fulfilled!
Baron Gregor de Bergmann: Perhaps you will come back from the dead to kill me?
Anton de Bergmann: [Dying words] Even from the dead!

== Taglines ==
Embraced by the Devil! Monster . . . his kiss the password to oblivion!
Karloff Reveals... What the Grave Conceals!
Master of the House of Horror!
Dead or Alive... He could kill!

== Cast ==
Boris Karloff — Baron Gregor de Berghmann / Anton de Berghmann
Marian Marsh — Thea Hassel
Robert Allen — Lt. Albert Lussan
Thurston Hall — Col. Paul Hassel
John Buckler — Buran
Torben Meyer — Peter
Katherine DeMille — Mashka
Henry Kolker — Baron de Berghman
Colin Tapley — Paul Hassel as a young lieutenant
Edward Van Sloan — Doctor
Egon Brecher — Lead Villager
Helena Grant — Anna, the housekeeper
Marion Lessing — Maria, the chambermaid
Robert Middlemass — The Prosecutor

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