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Son of Batman  is a 2014 direct-to-video animated superhero film which is part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It is an adaptation of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert's 2006 Batman and Son storyline.

== Nightwing ==
The psychos just keep getting younger.
I know what you're thinking, You're thinking you could be Robin. Well you can't.

== Killer Croc ==
You know, Bats... the problem with steroids is I get the munchies.

== Dialogue ==
[Alfred is showing Damian his bedroom]
Alfred Pennyworth: I hope this isn't too cramped for you. That door heads to your bath. The other, to a game room. And you also have this for your amusement. [Alfred turns on the T.V. and Loony Tunes plays] Naturally, you have the run of the mansion.
Damian Wayne: Of course. I know that. Prepare some tea, Pennyworth. Brown sugar instead of white, fresh-cut lemon. A china cup.
Alfred Pennyworth: Perhaps master would like some warm mixed nuts and a moist hand towel.
Damian Wayne: Watch yourself, Pennyworth. I'm not so young that I don't understand sarcasm.
Alfred Pennyworth: While I am much too old to care.Talia al Ghul: Want a drink?
Batman: Last time you offered me one, it didn't go so well.
Talia al Ghul: It made you romantic.
Batman: It made me do what you wanted.Damian Wayne: I'll drive.
Batman: No.
Damian Wayne: I know how.
Batman: No.Damian Wayne: So this is the fabled Batcave. Grandfather told me about it. Smaller than I imagined. Very efficient, though.
Alfred Pennyworth: He is the spitting image of you at that age. It's a bit chilling.Talia al Ghul: I thank you for my life and the life of my son.
Batman: Our son.
Talia al Ghul: I need to rebuild the League. Make it stronger, better. Come with me. You and I, together with Damian, would be invincible.
Batman: The best way to fix the League is to disband it.
Talia al Ghul: If only it were that easy. Damian should stay with me. He will want to be with his mother.
Batman: He's Robin now. He stays with the Batman.Batman: Alfred?
Alfred Pennyworth: Yes, sir.
Batman: We're going to have company.
Alfred Pennyworth: A sleepover? Oh, goody.[Alfred is stitching up Dick after his battle with Damian.]
Dick Grayson: Really ticks me off; after all the lectures he gave me about using protection.
Alfred Pennyworth: Indeed.
[Dick winces.]
Alfred Pennyworth: Are you alright, Master Dick?
Dick Grayson: I took the cut, I can take the stitch.
Damian Wayne: [watching from the balcony, smugly] Maybe you need more anesthetic.
Dick Grayson: [royally pissed] And maybe YOU need to go fu--
Alfred Pennyworth: Master Dick!
Damian Wayne: Maybe you should remember who the blood son is.
Dick Grayson: "Bloodthirsty" is more like it.Deathstroke: Go ahead. Finish me. You were trained to kill your enemies, weren't you? It's what you want. It's what your grandfather would do. It's what I would do. Well, do it!
Robin: No. I'm my father's son, too. I'm Robin!Batman: Talk.
Nightwing: [Calling Batman] Missing something?
Batman: Not in the mood for games.
Nightwing: I have a kid here. [Turns to Damian] Who says he's your son?
[Damian, who's been tied up and gagged by Nightwing, growls at him.]
Batman: [Sighs, in a resigned tone] I'll be right there.Batman: You look like you've been working out, Croc. The tail's new.
Killer Croc: Yeah, got an upgrade.[Damian is training in the garden, slashing up the many topiaries]
Alfred Pennyworth: I think we might be able to skip the gardener.
Bruce Wayne: Well, he was trained by the League of Assassins.
Alfred Pennyworth: I, myself, am rooting for the shrubbery.Damian Wayne: I wanna help. Like he used to. [points to Dick]
Batman: Bad enough you've given yourself away and let them know we're onto them, but you're letting vengeance guide you.
Damian Wayne: You've never felt vengeful?
Batman: Every day. You have to keep your center, Damian. You can't fight crime by becoming a criminal. From now on, stay close. That's an order.Damian Wayne: Is this what you wore in training?
Dick Grayson: It's what I wore when I went on patrol.
Damian Wayne: The only thing that's missing is lace trim and a sun hat.
Dick Grayson: You don't fool me. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you could be Robin. Well, you can't.
Damian Wayne: I don't need some insipid costume and a bird name. I'm way beyond your kind of simplistic training. As you saw tonight.
Dick Grayson: Don't forget, you lost that fight.Deathstroke: Now your luck ends.
Robin: You call it luck, I call it skill. [spits in Deathstroke's eye]

== Taglines ==
Vengeance runs in the blood.

== Cast ==
Jason O'Mara - Bruce Wayne/Batman
Stuart Allen  - Damian Wayne/Robin
Morena Baccarin - Talia al Ghul
Sean Maher - Dick Grayson/Nightwing
Thomas Gibson - Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
David McCallum - Alfred Pennyworth
Xander Berkeley - Dr. Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat
Giancarlo Esposito - Ra's al Ghul
Fred Tatasciore - Waylon Jones/Killer Croc
Diane Michelle - Francine Langstrom
Bruce Thomas - Commissioner James Gordon, Ubu
Kari Wahlgren - Rebecca Langstrom
Dee Bradley Baker - The Joker, Man-Bat Commandos
Andrea Romano - Suit 2

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