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The following is a list of quotes from the fifth season of Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

=== Mission Ed-Possible ===
[Edd arrives at a large pit being dug by Ed]
Eddy: AH-HA!!! You're trapped! There's no escapin' now, smart guy! Hand over those report cards!!
[Edd runs around the hole]
Eddy: He's getting away!
Ed: Dig a hole! Dig a hole! Dig a hole! Dig a hole! Dig a hole! Dig a hole! Dig a hole!
[Eddy kicks Ed in the butt]
Eddy: YOU SHOULDA DUG DEEPER!!!Eddy [tangled in the antenna above the trailer]: Just like our report cards, you've failed!Eddy: Dad?! Wait! Um, the grades are in Greek this year! I did good! I swear!

=== Every Which Way But Ed ===
Ed: (while spinning) We were standing next to a... hole in the wall... right after a big... boom, remember?

=== Cleanliness is next to Edness ===
Eddy: [to Edd] Hey! Rip Van Winkle! Get cracking, will ya, we're late for school!
Ed: An early bird catches the peanut, Double D!
Edd: School? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, gentlemen, but today's Saturday.
[He shows a calendar. Eddy jumps up to look at it]
Eddy: Saturday? Ed, you dolt, you woke me up for school on a Saturday?
Ed: It wasn't my fault, Eddy! My belly told me it was bottomless gravy day in the cafeteria.

=== Cool Hand Ed ===
[Edd has refused to partake in Eddy's plan of breaking out of school]
Eddy: Oh yes you do, or Ed here will write your locker combination on the girls' bathroom wall.
Edd: You wouldn't dare!!
[Ed then sharpens a pencil using his mouth]

=== Too Smart For His Own Ed ===
Edd: [looking in horror as Eddy tears up a book]
What are you doing to that poor defenseless dictionary?
Eddy: Ed's cramming for the spelling bee!
[Eddy continues to stuff pages into Ed's ears]
Eddy: Feeling smarter, Ed?
Ed: [cheerfully spewing out loose sheets as he speaks] What?

=== Who's Minding the Ed? ===

=== Pick an Ed ===
Edd: Have you ever had one of those days, Ed?
Ed: Every day of my life, Double D.

=== Truth or Ed ===
Ed: This Bubble Bathbel is a smart guy!
Eddy: It's Bobby Blabby, idiot!Ed: You drop your loot, Bibby Boo-boo!
Eddy: IT'S BOBBY BLABBY! GET IT RIGHT! [Ed crash into a wall, then turn around to the kids] Oops!

=== This Won't Hurt An Ed ===
[Ed has brought Eddy over to the medical room for an injection]
Eddy: Hey! Let me go!! Untie me!
Ed: I found him the science cupboard pretending to be a stuffed beaver, Double-D!
Edd: The nurse thanks you, Eddy.
Eddy: Oh Yeah?! What for?
Edd: For helping Kevin conquer his fear of needles by allowing him to witness the safe and easy administration of a real booster shot.
[Eddy sees the nurse getting the needle ready, and soon has the fear of them himself]
Eddy: Oh no you don't! Not me!
[Eddy tries to run away, only to be caught by Ed]
Ed: Worry not, little man. Because you get to have a lollypop after.
Eddy: Mommy.
[Ed drags Eddy into the medical room]
Kevin: Sweet.
Eddy [whilst hesitantly getting his arm out for the nurse]: But... No! Don't do it! I'm too young!
Ed: Needle!
[Ed runs out of the medical room, but comes back to pick up his lollypop]
Eddy: I hate Needles!
[Kevin is heard laughing whilst Ed walks off with his lollypop in his mouth]

=== Tight End Ed ===
[attempting to cheer everyone up at the loss of the game]
Edd : It's not how you win or lose, it's how you play the game!

=== 'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place ===
Edd: It's all fun and games 'til Ed loses conciousness, Eddy.

=== All Eds Are Off ===
Eddy is trying to goad Edd into losing his bet of not using multi-syllable words
Eddy: Let's see here... Con-she-enn-shus?.... what kinda bunk word is that...?
Edd looks uncomfortable, trying not to correct Eddy.
Eddy: Ohhhh... here's another one... temper-a-mental.....
Edd fidgets
Eddy:  I dunno about you, but that's just plain stupid!
Edd: STOP!!!!!! (Snatches the dictionary away, holds it protectively.)
Edd: I will not tolerate your singlehanded annihilation of the English language for your own monetary gain, Eddy!
(Edd pauses in horror, drops the dictionary, and covers his mouth, realizing he just lost his bet. Eddy just grins, as if it were too easy.)

=== Smile For the Ed ===
Ed: Don't touch that dial, kids!
Edd: Good Afternoon, Peach Creek Jr. High. This is your principal speaking with a very important announcement. All copies of student Eddy's photographs are to be returned to him immediately. This will leave to comply a well-warned detention for the rest of the semester. Thank You.
Kevin: Bummer.
Eddy: You heard the man.
Edd: Did I just do that? I did, didn't I? I just impersonated the Principal! Made false declarations in his name! Ohhh what have I done?

=== Run, Ed, Run ===
Ed [to Eddy]: The sky is falling! The sky is falling, Eddy! It hit me on the head. It did.
Eddy: You're probably just growing a brain there, lumpy.Edd: We hit the sky?! [the sky cracks] This isn't possible!
[A "piece" of the sky falls]
Eddy: Ed was right, the sky is falling!
Ed: Thank you very much.
Eddy: So, now what do we do?
Edd: I'm afraid we're just about to find out, Eddy.

=== A Town Called Ed ===

=== A Fistful Of Ed ===
Sarah: Jimmy, are you crazy? He's going to turn you into cold cuts!
Jimmy: Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Sarah!Edd: Sarah? You certainly can't believe--
[Ed blocks Edd's view of Sarah and brandishes a chair at him]
Ed: [tearing up] Stay away! Stay away from my baby sister, you meanie!
Edd: [shocked] Ed! My dear friend! How can you say that?!
[Ed pokes one of the chair legs into Edd's nose]
Ed: We are friends no more! My mom says I can't be chums with a a Punchy McFisticuffs like you!
[Ed's heart wells up in his throat and nearly breaks in half. Edd, equally heartbroken, sinks to his knees. Both boys burst into loud sobbing]May: Aw, we missed our scrap, Marie!
Marie: Yeah, but we got here just in time to kiss the loser better.
Edd: [nervously] Little late for an entrance, isn't it?
Lee: Double D! [She grabs him by the hat and points to her swollen foot] You should see the shiner you left on my foot. Clumsy oafs are so cute.
May: They sure are!
Marie: Pucker up, sweetie!
[Eddy fumes]
Eddy: HEY!
[The Kankers turn to face him in surprise]
Eddy: HE'S. HAD. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! [The Kankers stare in shock] Beat it!
[The Kankers look nervous for a moment, then drop Edd and walk away silently, feigning nonchalance. Edd looks at the girls with a concerned expression, then he meets Eddy's gaze and pokes his tongue out at them a little]
Ed: [in awe] Good one, Eddy.
Eddy: Vultures!

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