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World Without End is a 1956 film about  four astronauts returning from a voyage to Mars, who are caught in a time warp and are propelled into a post-Apocalyptic Earth populated by mutants who live on the surface and a dying race of "normals" who live beneath it.  

Directed and written by Edward Bernds.

== John Borden ==
You mean that one-eyed monster we buried back at the camp is the heir to ten thousand years of human progress?
The surface of the Earth was meant for man. He wasn't meant to live in a hole in the ground.

== Other ==
Mories: Our women seem to have lagged behind in their evolution into reasonable creatures. They actually admire these reckless and brutal men.

== Taglines ==
Thru the Time Barrier, 552 years Ahead... Roaring To the Far Reaches of Titanic Terror, Crash-Landing Into the Nightmare Future!
THE 26TH CENTURY! Sub-Human Monsters... Mammoth Tiger Spiders... Mole-Tunnel Cities... Futurific Women... in the Screen's Mighty Science-Shocker!
CinemaScope's First Science-Fiction Thriller Hurls You into the Year 2508!

== Cast ==
Hugh Marlowe — Borden
Nancy Gates — Garnet
Nelson Leigh — Galbraithe
Rod Taylor — Ellis

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