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William Warren Bartley, III (October 2, 1934 – February 5, 1990), known as W.W. Bartley, III, was an American philosopher.

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I met Bartley through David Theroux, the President of the Pacific Research Institute. Bartley and I then discussed Bartley’s Hayek projects on several occasions at his house in the Oakland Hills and at Stanford. I was very impressed by his command of the philosophy of science, but he had little background in economics. On a table at his house he had a copy of James Gwartney and Richard Stroup’s (1982) Economics: Private and Public Choice – an introductory textbook (which he was reading because he had scant knowledge of the subject). Bartley expressed an interest in having me assist him in an unspecified capacity.
Gregory Christainsen, "Some Recollections of Hayek and Bill Bartley", published in Robert Leeson (ed.), Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part V, Hayek's Great Society of Free Men (2015)

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