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Destroy All Monsters, released in Japan as Kaijū Sōshingeki (怪獣総進撃, lit. "Attack of the Marching Monsters"), is a 1968 Japanese science fiction Kaiju film in which an alien race takes control of all monsters on Earth to subdue humanity.

Directed by Ishirō Honda.  Written by Takeshi Kimura.

== Dialogue ==
News reader:  The major cities of the world are being destroyed one-by-one by the monsters: Moscow by Rodan, Peking by Mothra, London by Manda, Paris by Baragon.  And, here's a special news bulletin:  Godzilla is now in New York City.  The city is being invaded by Godzilla!Major Tada:  I didn't think Tokyo would escape this terror, but Rodan, Godzilla, and Manda are all here at the same time.
Enraged soldier:  That's correct.  New York, London, Moscow—they were all very unlucky.
Announcer:  Emergency!  Emergency!  Mothra is now in District Number 5.Kilaak Queen:  Ghidorah is a space monster. The monsters from Earth cannot win.  I will get in touch with you, when you feel like giving up.

== Taglines ==
Monsters of mass destruction.
The Battle Cry that Could Save the World!
The Monsters are in revolt.  And the world is on the brink of destruction!!

== Cast ==
Akira Kubo — Captain Katsuo Yamabe
Jun Tazaki — Dr. Yoshido
Yukiko Kobayashi — Kyoko Manabe
Yoshio Tsuchiya — Dr. Otani
Kyoko Ai — Kilaaks Queen
Andrew Hughes — Dr. Stevenson
Kenji Sahara — Nishikawa, Moon Base Commander
Seishiro Kuno, Wataru Omae, Naoya Kusakawa, Yasuhiko Saijô — SY-3 astronauts
Kazuo Suzuki, Toru Ibuki, Susumu Kurobe, Minoru Ito — Kilaakian controlled staffers
Seishiro Hisano, Ken Echiyo — SY-3 engineers
Keiko Miyauchi, Atsuko Takahashi, Yoshio Miyata, Ari Sagawa, Kyoko Mori, Midori Uchiyama, Wakako Tanabe, Michiko Ishii — Kilaakian
Haruo Nakajima — Military advisor

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