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Ellen Grigsby is a political theorist.

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=== Analyzing Politics (5th ed., 2012) ===
Political science seeks to analyze such complexities. As you study political science you may find that your conception of politics has been influenced by many factors.
Ch. 1 : IntroductionThe challenges of trying to view the world of politics from so many different perspectives have threatened to overwhelm the most experienced and respected of political scientists. As you read this text, keep in mind what political scientist David Easton has observed: Politics involves change.
Ch. 1 : IntroductionPolitics also involves decision making over the world’s resources. Whereas we can look to Easton’s comments to appreciate the concept of change as central to politics, we can also draw on the teachings of political scientist Harold Lasswell to consider that politics is about deciding who does and does not get access to what the world has to offer.
Ch. 1 : IntroductionIndeed, politics encompasses all those decisions regarding how we make rules that govern our common life. These rules may be made in a democratic or authoritarian manner, may promote peace or violence, and may empower state or nonstate actors (such as trade associations, media representatives, and multinational corporations). Whatever the rules, however, politics is based on the recognition that our lives are shared, as long as we live in common, public spaces such as state territories.
Ch. 1 : Introduction