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Cornelia Ann Parker (born 1956) is an English sculptor and installation artist.

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I think your subconscious knows far more than your conscious, so I trust it. I just make it first and then it becomes much clearer to me why.
In: Simon Hattenstone. "Cornelia Parker: a History of Violence." in: The Guardian. May 25, 2010.My work has threads of ideas from all over the place. I try to crystallise them in something simple and direct that the viewer can then take where they want.
In: Mark Hudson. "Cornelia Parker Interview." in: Telegraph. June 24, 2010I like to take man-made objects and push them to the point where they almost lose their reference, so that they become something else, take on other alliances.
Quote in: Cornelia Parker - Quotes - The European Graduate School, at egs.edu, 2015.

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