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Rush (1968–present) is a Canadian progressive rock band comprising bassist, keyboardist and vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer and lyricist Neil Peart (who replaced original drummer John Rutsey in 1974). 

== Song lyrics ==
All lyrics written by Neil Peart, except as noted.

=== Rush (1974) ===
Well I get up at 7 yeah and I go to work at 9I got no time for living I'm working all the timeIt seems to meI could live my lifea lot better than I think I am.I guess that's why they call me,they call me the workin' man.I get home at five o'clock and I take a sip out an ice cold beeralways seem to be wondering why there's nothing going on around hereIt seems to meI could live my lifea lot better than I think I am.I guess that's why they call me,they call me the workin' man.
Working Man, written by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

=== Fly By Night (1975) ===
Live for yourself -- there's no one elseMore worth living forBegging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more
AnthemThe battle's over and the dust is clearingDisciples of the Snow Dog sound the knellRejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearingBy-Tor, in defeat, retreats to Hell.
By-Tor and the Snow DogSnow Dog is victoriousThe land of the Overworld is saved again
By-Tor and the Snow DogQuiet and pensiveMy thoughts apprehensiveThe hours drift awayLeaving my homelandPlaying a lone handMy life begins today
Fly by NightYou feel there's something calling youYou're wanting to returnTo where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burnA place you can escape the worldWhere the dark lord cannot goPeace of mind and sanctuary by loud water's flow

=== Caress Of Steel (1975) ===
For they marched up to Bastille DayLa guillotine -- claimed her bloody prizeHear the echoes of the centuriesPower isn't all that money buys
Bastille DayI am born, I am me, I am new, I am free.Look at me, I am young, sight unseen, life unsung.
In the Valley from The Fountain of Lamneth

=== 2112 (1976) ===
You don't get something for nothingYou can't have freedom for freeYou won't get wiseWith the sleep still in your eyesNo matter what your dreams might be
Something For Nothing

=== A Farewell To Kings (1977) ===
When they turn the pages of historyWhen these days have passed long agoWill they read of us with sadnessFor the seeds that we let growWe turned our gazeFrom the castles in the distanceEyes cast downOn the path of least resistance
A Farewell To KingsHeld within the pleasure domeDecreed by Kubla KhanTo taste my bitter triumph, as a mad immortal manNever more shall I return/Escape these caves of iceFor I have dined on honey dew and drunk the milk of paradise.
XanaduAnd the men who hold high placesMust be the ones to startTo mold a new realityCloser to the Heart
Closer To The Heart, written by Neil Peart and Peter TalbotWhen life becomes so barrenAnd as cold as winter skiesThere's a beacon in the darknessIn a distant pair of eyesIn vain to search for honorIn vain to search for truthBut these things can still be givenYour love has shown me proof

=== Hemispheres (1978) ===
They battled through the ages,But still neither force would yield.The people were divided,Every soul a battlefield.
Cygnus X-1 Book II: HemispheresAll the same, we take our chances,Laughed at by Time,Tricked by Circumstances.Plus ca change,Plus c'est la meme chose,The more that things change,The more they stay the same.
CircumstancesSo the maples formed a unionAnd demanded equal rights."The oaks are just too greedy;We will make them give us light."Now there's no more oak oppression,For they passed a noble law,And the trees are all kept equalBy hatchet, axe, and saw.
The Trees

=== Permanent Waves (1980) ===
Invisible airwaves crackle with lifeBright antennae bristle with the energyEmotional feedback on a timeless wavelengthBearing a gift beyond priceAlmost Free
The Spirit of RadioAll this machinery making modern musicCan still be open-hearted.Not so coldly charted, it's really just a questionOf your honesty, yeah, your honesty.
The Spirit Of RadioOne likes to believe in the freedom of music but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity.
The Spirit Of RadioA planet of playthings,We dance on the stringsOf powers we cannot perceive"The stars aren't aligned -Or the gods are malign"Blame is better to give than receive.FreewillYou can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill;I will choose a path that's clear-I will choose Free Will.
FreewillEach of usA cell of awarenessImperfect and incomplete.Genetic blendsWith uncertain endsOn a fortune hunt that's far too fleet.FreewillWe are secrets to each otherEach one's life a novelNo-one else has read.Even joined in bonds of love,We're linked to one anotherBy such slender threads.
Entre NousWe are planets to each other,Drifting in our orbitsTo a brief eclipse.Each of us a world apart,Alone and yet together,Like two passing ships.
Entre NousAll there really is,The two of us,And we both know why we've come along.Nothing to explain,It's a part of usTo be found within a song.
Different StringsWheels within wheels in a spiral array,A pattern so grand and complex,Time after time we lose sight of the way,Our causes can't see their effects.
Natural ScienceIn their own imageTheir world is fashioned-No wonder they don't understand
Natural ScienceScience, like natureMust also be tamedWith a view towards its preservationGiven the sameState of integrityIt will surely serve us well
Natural Science

=== Moving Pictures (1981) ===
A modern day warrior, Mean, mean stride,Today's Tom Sawyer,Mean, mean pride.
Tom Sawyer, written by Neil Peart and Pye DuboisNo, his mind is not for rentTo any god or government.Always hopeful, yet discontent,He knows changes aren't permanent,But change is.
Tom SawyerAnd what you say about his companyIs what you say about society.
Tom SawyerLiving in the limelightThe universal dreamFor those who wish to seemThose who wish to beMust put aside the alienationGet on with the fascinationThe real relationThe underlying theme
LimelightAll the world's indeed a stage,And we are merely players,Performers and portrayers,Each another's audienceOutside the gilded cage.
LimelightThey say there are strangers who threaten us,In our immigrants and infidels.They say there is strangeness, too dangerousIn our theatres and bookstore shelves,That those who know what's best for usMust rise and save us from ourselves.
Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear)Everybody got to elevate from the norm.
Vital SignsLeave out the fictionFact is, this friction will only be worn by persistenceLeave out conditionsCourageous convictions will drag a dream to existence 
Vital Signs

=== Signals (1982) ===
Growing up it all seems so one-sidedOpinions all providedThe future pre-decidedDetached and subdividedIn the mass production zoneNowhere is the dreameror the misfit so alone
SubdivisionsThe boy lies in the grass, unmovingStaring at the skyHis mother starts to call himAs a hawk goes soaring byAnd the boy pulls down his baseball capAnd covers up his eyes
The Analog KidHe's got a force field and a flexible planHe's got a date with fate in a black sedanHe'll play fast forward for as long as he canBut he won't need a bed he's a digital man
Digital ManWe've got nothing to fear -- but fear itself?Not pain or failure, not fatal tragedy?Not the faulty units in this mad machinery?Not the broken contacts in emotional chemistry?
The Weapon (Part II of Fear)He's noble enough to know what's right but weak enough not to choose itHe's wise enough to win the world but fool enough to lose it
New World Man

=== Grace Under Pressure (1984) ===
I remember-How we talked and drankInto the misty dawn- I hear the voicesWe ran by the waterOn the wet summer lawn- I see the foot printsI remember-
AfterimageI clutch the wire fence until my fingers bleedA wound that will not heal -- a heart that cannot feel --Hoping that the horror will recedeHoping that tomorrow, we'll all be freed
Red Sector ASuspicious-looking strangerFlashes you a dangerous grinShadows across your windowWas it only trees in the wind?Every breath a static chargeA tongue that tastes like tinSteely-eyed outside to hide the enemy within...
The Enemy Within (Part I of Fear)One humanoid escapee an android on the run seeking freedom beneath the lonely desert sun
The Body ElectricYou know how that rabbit feels Going under your speeding wheels Bright images flashing by Like windshields towards a fly Frozen in the fatal climb - But the wheels of time - Just pass you by...
Between the Wheels

=== Power Windows (1985) ===
So much poison in powerThe principles get left outSo much mind on the matterThe spirit gets forgotten about
Grand DesignsThe big bang -- took and shook the worldShot down the rising sunthe end was begun -- it would hit everyoneWhen the chain reaction was doneThe big shots -- try to hold it backFools try to wish it awayThe hopeful depend on a world without endWhatever the hopeless may say
Manhattan ProjectYou can do a lot in a lifetimeIf you don't burn out too fastYou can make the most of the distanceFirst you need enduranceFirst you've got to last
MarathonThey shoot without shameIn the name of a piece of dirtFor a change of accentOr the colour of your shirtBetter the pride that residesIn a citizen of the worldThan the pride that dividesWhen a colourful rag is unfurled
TerritoriesDreams flow across the heartlandFeeding on the firesDreams transport desiresDrive you when you're downDreams transport the onesWho need to get out of town
Middletown DreamsRight to the heart of the matterRight to the beautiful partIllusions are painfully shatteredRight where discovery startsIn the secret wells of emotionBuried deep in our hearts
Emotion DetectorWe sometimes catch a windowA glimpse of what's beyondWas it just imaginationStringing us along?More things than are dreamed aboutUnseen and unexplainedWe suspend our disbeliefAnd we are entertained
Mystic Rhythms

=== Hold Your Fire (1987) ===
I let my past go too fastNo time to pauseIf I could slow it all downLike some captain, whose ship runs agroundI can wait until the tide comes around
Time Stand StillI thought of time and distanceThe hardships of historyI heard the hope and the hungerWhen China sang to me...
Tai Shan

=== Presto (1989) ===
All of us get lost in the darknessdreamers learn to steer by the starsAll of us do time in the gutterdreamers turn to look at the cars.
The PassNo hero in your tragedyNo daring in your escapeNo salutes for your surrenderNothing noble in your fateChrist, what have you done?
The PassI had a dream of a winter gardena midnight rendezvous.Silver, blue and frozen silencewhat a fool I was for you!
PrestoTake heart from earth and weatherthe brightness of new birthTake heart from the harvestshave the harvest from the earth.
Anagram (For Mongo)

=== Roll The Bones (1991) ===
We go out in the world and take our chancesFate is just the weight of circumstancesThat's the way that lady luck dancesRoll the bones.
Roll The BonesWhy are we here?Because we're hereRoll the bones, roll the bonesWhy does it happen?Because it happensRoll the bones, roll the bones.
Roll The BonesWell, I was only a kid, cruising around in a trancePrisoner of fate, victim of circumstanceI was lined up for glory, but the tickets sold out in advanceThe way the big wheel spins.
The Big WheelAll around this great big worldAll the crap we had to takeBombs and basement fallout sheltersAll our lives at stake.

=== Counterparts (1993) ===
A secret face -- a touch of graceA man must learn to give a little spaceA peaceful state -- a submissive traitA man must learn to gently dominate.
AnimateYoung enough not to care too muchAbout the way things used to beI'm young enough to remember the future --The past has no claim on me.
"Cut To The ChaseThere is a fine line Between love and illusion.
Between Sun & MoonYou and I, we are pressed into these solitudesColor and culture, language and raceJust variations on a themeIslands in a much larger stream.
Alien Shore

=== Test For Echo (1996) ===
I've got celestial mechanicsTo synchronize my starsSeasonal migrations -- daily variationsWorld of the unlikely and bizarre.
Totem, written by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil PeartI can learn to resistAnything but frustrationI can learn to persistWith anything but aiming low.
Resist, written by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart

=== Vapor Trails (2002) ===
A certain amount of resistanceTo the forces of the light and loveA certain measure of toleranceA willingness to rise above.
One Little VictoryAll this time we're burning like bonfires in the darkA billion other blazes are shooting off their sparksEvery spark a drifting ember of desireTo fall upon the earth and spark another fire.
Peaceable KingdomDream - Temporary madnessDream - A voice in the wildernessDream - Unconscious revelationsThe morning says, the answer is yes.

=== Snakes & Arrows (2007) ===
One day I feel I'm on top of the worldAnd the next it's falling in on meI can get back onI can get back homeOne day I feel I'm ahead of the wheel,And the next it's rolling over me.
Far CrySometimes the fortress is too strongOr the love is too weakWhat should have been our armorBecomes a sharp and angry sword
Armor and SwordNow it's come to thisLike we're back in the Dark AgesFrom the Middle East to the Middle WestIt's a plague that resists all science
The Way The Wind Blows

=== Clockwork Angels (2012) ===
In a world where I feel so smallI can't stop thinking big.
CaravanUntil our final breathThe joy and pain that we receiveMust be what we deserveI was brought up to believe.
BU2BLife goes from bad to worseI still choose to liveFind a measure of love and laughterAnd another measure to give.
BU2B2All my illusionsProjected on herThe ideal, that I wanted to see.
Halo EffectAll I know is that sometimes you have to be waryOf a miracle too good to be trueAll I know is that sometimes the truth is contraryEverything in life you thought you knewAll I know is that sometimes you have to be wary'Cause sometimes the target is you.
The WreckersThank your stars you're not that wayTurn your back and walk awayDon't even pause and ask them whyTurn around and say goodbye.
Wish Them WellThe measure of a life is a measure of love and respect.
The GardenThe future disappears into memoryWith only a moment between.Forever dwells in that moment.
The Garden

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