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Friendly Persuasion is the title of a film released in 1956, starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire and Anthony Perkins.

== Dialogue ==
Jess Birdwell: I'm just his father, Eliza, not his conscience. A man's life ain't worth a hill of beans except he lives up to his own conscience.Prof. Waldo Quigley: I want you to know, sir, I honor your prejudices - -um, uh, convictions.Josh Birdwell: I don't want to die. I don't think I could kill anyone if I tried. But I have to try, so long as other people have to.Rebel soldier: Peach pie!
Little Jess Birdwell: It's rattlesnake pie.
Rebel soldier: Best rattlesnake pie *I* ever tasted.

== Cast ==
Gary Cooper - Jess Birdwell
Dorothy McGuire - Eliza Birdwell
Anthony Perkins - Josh Birdwell
Richard Eyer - Little Jess Birdwell
Robert Middleton - Sam Jordan
Phyllis Love - Mattie Birdwell
Peter Mark Richman - Gard Jordan (as Mark Richman)
Walter Catlett - Professor Quigley
Richard Hale - Purdy
Joel Fluellen - Enoch
Theodore Newton - Major Harvey
John Smith - Caleb Cope
Marjorie Main - the widow Hudspeth
Edna Skinner - Opal Hudspeth
Marjorie Durant - Pearl Hudspeth
Frances Farwell - Ruby Hudspeth

== Taglines ==
WHAT FUN YOU'LL HAVE...AND WHAT A FAMILY! YOU'LL FEEL AS IF YOU ARE A PART OF IT...OR WOULD LIKE TO BE! (re-release print ad - all caps)You'll love SAMANTHA, THE GOOSE! (re-release print ad - all caps)

It Will Pleasure You in a Hundred Ways!Try FRIENDLY PERSUASION: It's Powerful!When You Looked At Jess Birdwell YOU LOOKED UPJess is a big man and he walks the Indiana earth in a big way... a man of few words and many strengths... a man born with the gift of laughter and the knack for love, a power for good, a man who doesn't hold with killing. But now Jess faces a big decision -- to keep faith with what he lives by -- or to fight for what he loves... Only so great a theme could make so great a motion picture!Anthony Perkins, the most exciting screen discovery since James Dean!Pat Boone, the sensational Dot Recording artist, can be heard singing the big hit title-song, "Friendly Persuasion"

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