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Identity Thief is a 2013 American crime comedy film starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. The film is about a man whose identity is stolen by a woman, and he has to track her down.

== Sandy Patterson ==
Friends don't steal friends' identities, do they?

== Diana ==
Ya lookin' for these? You're not gonna find 'em, stupid. See ya, Sandy!
Dawn Budgie... That's a terrible fucking name.

== Dialogue ==
Sandy Patterson: You're diabolical.
Diana: Thank you.
Sandy Patterson: That's not a compliment.
Diana: I know.Sandy Patterson: I said no jewelry.
Diana: Oh, were you serious?
Sandy Patterson: Yeah.
Diana: You've got to work on your tone.

== Taglines ==
Is this the face of a thief?
Is this the face of a sucker?
She's having the time of his life

== Cast ==
Jason Bateman as Sandy Bigelow Patterson
Melissa McCarthy as Diana/Dawn Budgie
Jon Favreau as Harold Cornish
Amanda Peet as Trish Patterson
Génesis Rodríguez as Marisol
T.I. as Julian
Morris Chestnut as Detective Reilly
John Cho as Daniel Casey
Robert Patrick as Skiptracer
Eric Stonestreet as Big Chuck
Ellie Kemper as Flo
Jonathan Banks as Paolo Gordon
Ben Falcone as Tommy
Satara Silver as Cosmetics Sales Clerk