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Give My Regards to Broad Street is a 1984 British musical drama film directed by Peter Webb. The film was not financially successful, but its soundtrack album sold well. It was one of the last film appearances of classical actor Sir Ralph Richardson. The title is a take on George M. Cohan's classic show "Give My Regards to Broadway", making reference to London's Broad Street railway station, which closed in 1986.

== Dialogue ==
Ringo: [rehearsing in a warehouse] Do you think you could get some heat in here, or are we practicing to be Canadians?[Paul is singing "Yesterday" after learning the tapes are missing]
Steve: Very bloody appropriate!Paul: It's gonna be one of those days.Paul: I must be off.
Jim: You've been off for years.Paul: Yeah, uh, shall we try "Not Such A Bad Boy"?
Ringo: Do we have to?[Paul has a vision of Harry handing the tapes over to Big Bob]
Paul: Don't do it! Don't do it! [his microphone whines with feedback, snapping him back to reality] Uh, sorry. My fault. Let's have a break.Police Inspector: [charged with finding the tapes] This is a pretty cool caper. I wouldn't trust any of them.City Banker: [to Paul] There are other arrangements to be taken into consideration, such as the agreement entered into with Mr. William Rath of Rathbone Industries. In fact, Mr. Rath has asked me to point out to you that unless the tapes are found by midnight tonight, the consequences will be "very" serious.William: [after Paul has given him an evasive interview] What a load of cobblers.Paul: You've not seen Harry then?
Big Bob: Harry who? Harry James on the Golden Trumpet? Or Hare Krishna?Steve: [triumphantly] Gentlemen. I'm sure you'd like to be the first to know. We got the tapes!

== Taglines ==
The Movie, The Musical, The McCartney Magic
Six million dollars says that they won't find Harry by midnight [Australia theatrical]
When the music stops, the mystery begins.

== Cast ==
Paul McCartney - Himself
Bryan Brown - Steve
Ringo Starr - Himself
Barbara Bach - Journalist
Linda McCartney - Herself
Tracey Ullman - Sandra
Ralph Richardson - Jim

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