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Meal is an eating occasion that takes place at a certain time and includes specific, prepared food, or the food eaten on that occasion. The names used for specific meals in English varies greatly depending on the speaker's culture, the time of day, or the size of the meal. Meals occur primarily at homes,  restaurants, and cafeterias, but may occur anywhere.

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I think you live a fuller life with someone else, you know, you're firing on all cylinders. It can be a nightmare at times, we all know that, but nevertheless in the end I think to have someone else's input on anything - a book, a meal, your children, life, a walk - is fantastic.
Francesca Annis, in Francesca Annis interview (14 April 2009).Any celebration meal to which guests are invited, be they family or friends, should be an occasion for generous hospitality.
Julian Baggini, in Think there’s too much excess at Christmas? I can’t get enough of it.Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Melody Beattie, The Art of Being: 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life, (17 April 2008)], p. 92
In the Lord’s supper...Jesus is the host of the meal...we experience both his welcome to the meal and his “peace be with you” as we return to the world. This event is an actual encounter. Christ is present, Christ is host, Christ welcomes and blesses. We are in actual – not virtual - fellowship with Jesus...The Lord’s Supper is never a solitary individual event. It is always the meal of the community of faith hosted by Christ as an event wherein we both declare and experience the grace that we are at peace with one another.
Bible, A Holy Meal: The Lord's Supper in the Life of the Church. (1 August 2005) quoted by Gordon T. Smith, p. 49.Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.
Erma Bombeck, On Being Blonde: Wit and Wisdom from the World's Most Infamous Blondes, (1 September 2004), p. 67.Meals make the society, hold the fabric together in lots of ways that were charming and interesting and intoxicating to me. The perfect meal, or the best meals, occur in a context that frequently has very little to do with the food itself.
Anthony Bourdain, The Complete Travel Detective Bible, (2 October 2007), p. 512.For a dinner date, I eat light all day to save room, then I go all in: I choose this meal and this order, and I choose you, the person across from me, to share it with. There's a beautiful intimacy in a meal like that.
Anthony Bourdain, in The Sexiest Thing You Can Do on a Date.If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.
Buddha, The Greatest Achievement: Miracle after Miracle the Easy Way, 30-Dec-2013), p93.Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman - or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.
George Burns, It's a Great Deal, All Three of Me Think So,.You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.
William S. Burroughs, eBook Farming: How to Grow Money Selling Words and Ideas, p. 30.So cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. It cannot be done. You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.
William Seward Burroughs, The New Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations (30 October 2003), p. 249.The Mid Day Meal is the world’s largest school feeding programme reaching out to about 120 million children in over 126,500 schools/EGS centres across the country. Mid Day Meal in schools has had a long history in India. In 1925, a Mid Day Meal Programme was introduced for disadvantaged children in Madras Municipal Corporation. Today, Mid day Meal scheme is serving primary and upper primary school children in entire country.
National Informatics Center, in About the Mid Day Meal Scheme.In today’s fast life most of the students, managers and workers do not have a choice of having a fresh and hot homemade complete meal. Mostly they are dependent on fast food or a monotonous office canteen that cannot last long. Fortunately, Mumbai people are very lucky to have  “Mumbai Dabbawala” Mumbai Dabbawala is a renowned name not only in India but throughout the world. The BBC produced a documentary when Prince Charles, when visited Mumbai Dabbawala during his official visit to India in 2003. Mumbai Dabbawala has taken shape in many management programs worldwide including Harvard Business School.
S. Chakravarty, et al, in  Complete Business Statistics,.Slavery is no more sinful, by the Christian code, than it is sinful to wear a whole coat, while another is in tatters, to eat a better meal than a neighbor, or otherwise to enjoy ease and plenty, while our fellow creatures are suffering and in want.
James Fenimore Cooper, The American Democrat, (1 April 2010), p. 189.After having dispatched a meal, I went ashore, and found no habitation save a single house, and that without an occupant; we had no doubt that the people had fled in terror at our approach, as the house was completely furnished.
Christopher Columbus, What Happened?: An Encyclopedia of Events that Changed America Forever, Volume 1 (2011), p. 31.
A barbecue: an outdoor meal or party at which food is cooked on a barbecue... a social gathering especially in the open air at which barbecued food is eaten.
Merriam-webster dictionary, in barbecue.A banquet: a sumptuous feast; especially: an elaborate and often ceremonious meal for numerous people often in honor of a person...a meal held in recognition of some occasion or achievement
Merriam-webster dictionary, inbanquet.In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from.
Peter Drucker, Business Wit & Wisdom, (31March 2005), p. 60.

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An American blue-plate lunch in honour of our great American Allies.Surely you know what a blue-plate is, man? They shove the whole meal at you under your nose, already dished up on your plate – roast turkey, cranberry sauce, sausages and carrots and French Fried. I can't bear French fried but there's no pick and choose with a blue-plate.No pick and choose?You eat what you're given. That's democracy, man.
Graham Greene, et al, in Our man in Havana, (2007), p. 178.Instead of England's early Sunday dinner, a postchurch ordeal of heavy meats and savory pies, why not a new meal, served around noon, that starts with tea or coffee, marmalade and other breakfast fixtures before moving along to the heavier fare? By eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for Saturday-night carousers. It would promote human happiness in other ways as well. Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. Beringer wrote."It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week."
William Grimes, in At Brunch, The More Bizarre The Better (8 July 1998).Quantity in diet is more to be regarded than quality. A full meal is a great enemy both to study and industry; that a well built house required but little repairs.
Clarissa Harrow, Clarissa Or The History of a Young Lady, Volume 4  (1863)], p. 443.A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, cone a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
Robert A. Heinlein, Quotes about Humankind, p. 11.In parts of Christian world, All Souls Day is celebrated by making complete meals for the dead, reflecting their preferences in life, and laid out on a table overnight. All of these symbolic food acts or ritual meals serve to maintain and ensure good relations between family and friends, the living and the dead.
B. W. Higman, in How Food Made History, (8 August 2011)], p. 1926.From an essentially egalitarian “table-fellowship”, the early Christian Church developed a ritual Holy Meal, the Eucharist or Thanksgiving for the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, in which the food and drink (wine and bread) symbolized flesh and blood, as a rite served only to the faithful from the hands of an exclusive priestly class.
B. W. Higman, quoting G Feely-Harnik, in "How Food Made History (8 August 2011)", p. 1926.In India an older tradition saw mid-day meals delivered by lunch-wallahs to the desks and workstations of bureaucrats and business people across the major cities of India.
B. W. Higman, in "How Food Made History (8 August 2011)", p. 1925.Certain special meals attained ritual status, serving to symbolize central beliefs and doctrines of religious traditions. For example, meals had a central role in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from the miraculous feeding of the five thousand to the Last Supper and his breaking bread with tax collectors and sinners.
B. W. Higman, in "How Food Made History (8 August 2011)", p. 1925.Around 1200, the Chinese in all regions had three meals a day, the evening repast being the most substantial and typically consisting of several courses…Three meals remained the norm in China into modern times, with farmers sent their midday meals in containers, while women and children ate at home.
B. W. Higman, in "How Food Made History (8 August 2011)", p. 1924.In Western Europe, the pattern of three meals was common from the sixteenth century, but industrialization shortened the time spent on meals for the working classes whereas the bourgeois devoted much more time to the table and steadily delayed the times of their meals.
B. W. Higman, in "How Food Made History (8 August 2011)", p. 1924.For some students, school is the only place where they get a hot meal and a warm hug. Teachers are sometimes the only ones who tell our children they can go from an Indian reservation to the Ivy League, from the home of a struggling single mom to the White House.
Denise Juneau, in 2012 Democratic National Convention: Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by The Honorable Denise Juneau, Superintendent of the Montana Office of Public Instruction (5 September, 2012)
My mom's always been a good cook, so I took a lot of stuff from her, but most of the stuff I took from Emeril or Bobby Flay right off the TV and make it. I just loved to cook, so it just became a thing. It's a release. Even if I'm alone, I'll cook a full meal, maybe even a two-course meal, just because I love to cook. It's my secret love!
Christian Kane, in Christian Kane Talks Music, Acting and His ‘Secret Love’ (16 September 2011).I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually it's pizza, which is my favorite indulgence.
Beyonce Knowles, in 'I'm not naturally thin': Beyonce reveals her weight loss secrets after shedding 57lbs of baby weight (18 March 2013)
There's nothing like a home-cooked meal - nothing! When people ask me what the best restaurant in L.A. is, I say, 'Uh, my house.' It's more intimate. Food can connect people in a forever sort of way.
Giada De Laurentiis, in Giada De Laurentiis on Men, Trust, and Tabloid LiesHe didn't come out of my belly, but my God, I've made his bones, because I've attended to every meal, and how he sleeps, and the fact that he swims like a fish because I took him to the ocean. I'm so proud of all those things. But he is my biggest pride.
John Lennon, in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fatherhood (1 October 1999), p. 134.

== M - R ==
Gandhi believed that it was sheer waste of time and labour to cook various dishes for one meal. He was not prepared to cater to the differing tastes of the different members of the ashram. He prescribed a simple menu for all. The meals were cooked in common kitchen.
Jafar Maḥmūd, in Mahatma Gandhi : A Multifaceted Person (1 January 2004), p. 31.Tramping is too easy with all this money. My days were more exciting when I was penniless and had to forage around for my next meal... I've decided that I'm going to live this life for some time to come. The freedom and simple beauty of it is just too good to pass up.
Christopher McCandless, in The New Yorker, Volume 69 (1993), p. 40.When you start one of these programs, school lunch programs, in a country that heretofore had nothing of that kind, immediately school enrollment jumps dramatically. Girls and boys get to the classroom with the promise of a good meal once a day.
George McGovern, in Ex-Senator seeks more food aid funding (25 September 2007).Fame is like caviar, you know - it's good to have caviar but not when you have it at every meal.
Marilyn Monroe, in LIFE 3 Aug 1962, p. 38.When I am traveling in a carriage, or walking after a good meal, or during the night when I cannot sleep; it is on such occasions that ideas flow best and most abundantly.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling (31 August 2009), p. 9....When I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone, and of good cheer - say traveling in a carriage, or walking after a good meal, or during the night when I cannot sleep - it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best, and most abundantly. Whence and how they come, I know not, nor can I force them...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling (31 August 2009), p. 9.If we are ever to halt climate change and conserve land, water and other resources, not to mention reduce animal suffering, we must celebrate Earth Day every day - at every meal.
Ingrid Newkirk, in Pacific Islands Studies 492 Waves of Change:Climate Change in the Pacific, University of Hawai’i at Manoa (Summer 2014).The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit. And I think that's what's happened in our culture. Fast food has become the everyday meal.
Michelle Obama, in Commentary: Even the First Lady's Allowed to Splurge on Food, You Know (12 July 2011).Going out for a meal, especially for young urbanites, is less about socialising over enjoyable food than about enjoying food as a way to socialise.
Yotam Ottolenghi, in Yotam Ottolenghi's vegetarian mezze recipes (12 April 2013).If a man dies young he hath left us at dinner; it is bed-time with a man of three score and ten; and he that lives a hundred years hath walked a mile after supper. This life is but one day of three meals, or one meal of three courses? Childhood, youth, and old age. To sup well is to live well, and that's the way to sleep well.
Overbury, in 50 Classic Philosophy Books (2011) p. 2848.The shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body to a ritual of family and community, from the mere animal biology to an act of culture.
Michael Pollan, in AARP The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters (19 December 2011), p. 105
Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table.
William Powell, in The Little Pink Book of Frozen Drinks: And Other Party Classics, p. 150.Thanksgiving is a typically American holiday...The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production.
Ayn Rand, in The Little Book of Bathroom Philosophy, p. 194.Any time women come together with a collective intention, it's a powerful thing. Whether it's sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.
Phylicia Rashad, in Monthly Treasures – Feng Shui Newsletter December/ January 2013- 2014.

== S - Z ==

It is the mark of a mean, vulgar and ignoble spirit to dwell on the thought of food before meal times or worse to dwell on it afterwards, to discuss it and wallow in the remembered pleasures of every mouthful. Those whose minds dwell before dinner on the spit, and after on the dishes, are fit only to be scullions.
Francis de Sales, in Gluttony (5 May 2006).Is it gluttony to eat for the pleasure of eating? Is it gluttony to eat more than the bare necessity for survival? Is it gluttony to think about food outside of meals (such as, "oh, I think I'll go have a cookie" or "yeah, I really like prime rib, myself")?
Francis de Sales, in “Gluttony (5 May 2006)”In Ethiopia, food is often looked at through a strong spiritual lens, stronger than anywhere else I know. It's the focal point of weddings, births and funerals and is a daily ceremony from the preparation of the meal and the washing of hands to the sharing of meals.
Marcus Samuelsson, in Everybody's Talking About Food (12 April 2010).Anything is possible on a train: a great meal, a binge, a visit from card players, an intrigue, a good night's sleep, and strangers' monologues framed like Russian short stories.
Paul Theroux, in City Watch: Discovering the Uncommon Chicago0 (4 May 2001), p. 199.The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.
Calvin Trillin, in The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids: How to Plan Memorable Family …  (2012), p. 113.In Texas, the “Execution Protocol” clearly outlines a last meal choice to the condemned individual, things accessible by the regular prison kitchen staff... as a scheduled step in the execution process: At least seven days prior to the execution, the warden or designee will contact the condemned individual to arrange for his/her last meal, and The condemned individual will be served a final meal at a time determined by the warden.
Randall VanderMey, et al, in COMP (10 January 2012), p. 365.I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them.
Oscar Wilde, in The Importance of Being Earnest and Four Other Plays (2003), p. 16.

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