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Things Are Tough All Over is a 1982 film in which Cheech & Chong are hired to drive a limo from Chicago to Las Vegas by two shady Arabs. Unbeknownst to them, five million dollars of dirty money has been stuffed throughout the car.

== Chong ==
Sometimes it's not even the drugs that'll kill you, man. What really kills you is looking for drugs.
[to Cheech] Hey, look... dude laid some peyote on me, man!
[on several cups of coffee, driving] It was Rock 'n Roll that killed Elvis, man!

== Dialogue ==
[debating whether they are lost or not while climbing a hill]
Prince Habib: I say we are lost.
Mr. Slyman: We are not lost. We are Arabs. Lost is when you don't know where you are going.
Prince Habib: Well, that is the point, where are we going?
Mr. Slyman: We are going uphill.
Prince Habib: Well, at least when we get to the top, we will know exactly where we are.
[the two are now at the top, looking around them, but only see more hills]
Mr. Slyman: You are right. Now I know exactly where we are.
Prince Habib: You do?
Mr. Slyman: Yes. We are in the middle of fucking nowhere! Where is the road? Ah, those two guys!
Prince Habib: Yes, it was those two guys. They have stolen the road too!
Mr. Slyman: Now I am sure of it.
Prince Habib: You are sure of what?
Mr. Slyman: That our mother messed around with a goat herder.
Prince Habib: Nooo!Mr. Slyman: They've stolen our money?
Prince Habib: And part of the car too.

== Taglines ==
A High Flying Comedy.
The Original HIGH Rollers Hit The Strip!
CHEECH and CHONG take a cross-country trip... and wind up in some very funny joints.

== Cast ==
Cheech Marin - Cheech, Mr. Slyman and Narrator
Tommy Chong - Chong "Man" and Prince Habib
Evelyn Guerrero - Donna
George Wallace - The Champ
Toni Attell - Cocktail Waitress
Mike Bacarella - Cop in Laundromat
Billy Beck - Pop
Don Bovingloh - Maitre D'
Richard "Moon" Calhoun - Drummer
Jennifer Condos - Bass Player
John Corronna - St. Louis Biker
Aaron Freeman - Cop in Ghetto
Mike Friedman - Car Rental Agent
Maya Harman - Belly Dancer
Vanaghan S. Housepian - Henchman
Rip Taylor - Himself
Dave Coulier - Man with Tongue in Restaurant
Ruby Wax - Restaurant Patron
Shelby Chong - French Girl #1
Rikki Marin - French Girl #2

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