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The Very Same Münchhausen (Russian: Тот самый Мюнхгаузен, Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen, alt. translation - That Very Münchhausen) is a 1979 Soviet television movie.

Directed by Mark Zakharov. Written by Grigoriy Gorin.

== Baron Münchhausen ==
I am not afraid to look ridiculous. Not everyone can afford it.Once upon a time, Socrates told me: "You should marry. If you're lucky to get a good wife - you'll become a happy man. If you get a bad wife - you'll become a philosopher." Can't decide which is better...I wish you would understand at last, that Münchhausen is famous not because he flew to the moon or because he didn't, but because he never lies!A serious face is not yet an indication of intellect. All the stupid things in the world are done with exactly that expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile!

== Dialogue ==
Hunter: Do you claim, a man can pull himself by hair?
Baron Münchhausen: Absolutely! A thinking man simply MUST do it from time to time.Pastor: I've already noticed, baron, you've got rare books.
Baron Münchhausen: Yes, many of them are autographed.
Pastor: It must be so pleasant.
Baron Münchhausen: Sophocles for example.
Pastor: Who?
Baron Münchhausen: Sophocles. This is his best tragedy "Oedipus Rex" with an inscription.
Pastor: For whom?
Baron Münchhausen: For me, of course. Here: "To dear Karl from his loving Sophocles to be warmly remembered."Baron Münchhausen: She ran away from me two years ago.
Pastor: Frankly speaking, Baron, I would have done the same in her shoes.
Baron Münchhausen:  Therefore I'm going to marry Martha, not you.Pastor: You cannot get married the second time with your wife alive.
Baron Münchhausen: Are you proposing to kill her?Baron Münchhausen: But you do allow kings to get a divorce?
Pastor: Well... For kings... In exceptional cases. When they need to produce an offspring.
Baron Münchhausen: In order to produce an offspring they need to do something else.Baron Münchhausen: And they said he's a smart man!
Martha: Well, people can say much more...Theophil (seeing a portrait of Baron): Do you want to hang this daub in the house?
Jacobine: What disturbs you about it?
Theophil: It maddens me! Let's chop it in pieces!
Jacobine: Dare not! He claims it is a work of Rembrandt.
Rammkopf: Whom???
Jacobine: Rembrandt.
Theophil: That's a downright lie.
Jacobine: I know but the auctioneers give twenty thousand for it.
Rammkopf: Twenty thousand? Then sell it!
Jacobine: To sell it would mean to admit this is the truth.Rammkopf: This man threw out a wife with a child.
Theophil: Who is a child? I am an officer!
Rammkopf: He threw out a wife with an officer.Rammkopf: If you've got a lover, enjoy it! Nowadays, everyone has got a lover. But one cannot permit you to marry her. It's immoral!Rammkopf: But it's a fact!
Burgomaster: No, this is not a fact.
Theophil: This is not a fact?
Burgomaster: No, this is not a fact. This is much more than that. It was right that way!Duke's steward: His highness is busy with state affairs of the utmost importance. He is holding an emergency meeting... He's not there at all.Baron Münchhausen: In Germany, to have the name Müller is the same as to have no name at all.
Thomas: You are still joking.
Baron Münchhausen: I stopped joking long ago. The doctors forbid that.
Thomas: Since when did you start visiting doctors?
Baron Münchhausen: Right after the death.
Thomas: But they say, humour is healthy. A joke prolongs life.
Baron Münchhausen: Not for everyone. It prolongs the life for those who laugh, but shortens it for those who joke.Weren't you dead?
Baron Münchhausen: I was.Martha: Good Lord! Why do you people have to kill a person to understand that he is alive?!
Jacobine: Well said. But we have no choice. And here is my advice: Don't hurry to become the widow of Baron Münchhausen. This place is still occupied.Burgomaster: Congratulations Baron!
Baron Münchhausen: For what?
Burgomaster: On your successful return from the moon.
Baron Münchhausen: I wasn't on the moon.
Burgomaster: What do you mean, you weren't there, when there is a decision that you were?Burgomaster: Everything follows the plan: after the overture comes the interrogation. Then the defendant's last words, a salute, general merriment, dancing.
Rammkopf: Frau Marta, please, follow the text exactly!

== Cast ==
Oleg Yankovskiy — Baron Münchhausen
Inna Churikova — Jacobine von Münchhausen
Yelena Koreneva — Martha
Igor Kvasha — Burgomaster
Aleksandr Abdulov — Heinrich Rammkopf
Leonid Yarmolnik — Theophil von Münchhausen
Yuriy Katin-Yartsev — Thomas
Vladimir Dolinskiy — Pastor
Leonid Bronevoy — Duke of Hanover
Semyon Farada — Commander-in-Chief
Vsevolod Larionov — Judge

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