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The Time Tunnel (1966–1967) was a science fiction television show created by Irwin Allen and starring James Darren, Robert Colbert, Lee Meriwether, Whit Bissell, and John Zaremba. It dealt with the idea of time travel. 

== Season One ==

=== Rendezvous With Yesterday ===
[Althea Hall,(played by British actress Susan Hampshire) a young woman Tony met on the Titanic, refuses to save herself when the ship is sinking.]Tony: Althea, what are you doing? The ship is sinking!
Althea: It doesn't matter for me.[ship rumbles and both are knocked off balance]

Tony: Althea! [tugs her hand]
Althea [tears away from his grasp]: Tony, you don't understand! I’ve no right to take a place on one of those lifeboats. I’m not a rich girl on holiday; I’m just an ordinary schoolteacher. I spent the last penny of my savings for this trip.
Tony: What difference does that make?
Althea: The difference is I’m going to die soon anyway.
Tony : What are you talking about?
Althea: I’m… ill. There’s a… growth inside my head. It’s just a matter of months.
Tony [sits down]: Are you sure?
Althea: My doctor in London is sure. He said there’s a doctor in New York who’s working on a new type of brain operation. It’s called… neurosurgery, I think. But it’s just a matter of months. There’s really no hope.
Tony: Of course there is. Neurosurgery is not a fad and it’s not hopeless. Althea, some brain operations have become as commonplace as taking out tonsils.
Althea: Become?
Tony: Althea, you’ll just have to trust me. The chances that you can be helped are probably much better than you think.
Althea [smiles]: You're a doctor too?
Tony: No, I am not a doctor and you've no right to play God.
Althea [defensively]: I'm not even attempting to play God.
Tony: You’re deciding when it’s time for you to live or die. You don’t have that right.
Althea: And you are asking me to believe in miracles.
Tony: I’m asking you to believe in life, not death. [pause] Althea, please, believe in me. [Althea looks at him and silently agrees; she grabs her coat off the back of the piano and they take off]

== Cast ==
James Darren - Dr. Anthony "Tony" Newman
Robert Colbert - Dr. Douglas "Doug" Phillips
Lee Meriwether - Dr. Ann MacGregor
Whit Bissell - General Heywood "Woody" Kirk
John Zaremba - Dr. Raymond "Ray" Swain

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