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Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band.

== Song lyrics ==

=== Iron Maiden (1980) ===
Iron Maiden can't be fought, Iron Maiden can't be sought.
Iron Maiden, written by Steve Harris

=== Killers (1981) ===
Over clouds my mind will fly, forever now I can't think why.My body tries to leave my soul.Or is it me, I just don't know.Mem'ries rising from the past, the future's shadow overcast.Something's clutching at my head, through the darkness I'll be led.
Purgatory, written by Steve Harris

=== The Number of the Beast (1982) ===
Night was black, was no use holding back,'Cause I just had to see, was someonewatching me.In the mist, dark figures move and twist,Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell.666 the number of the beast.Hell and fire was born to be released.
The Number of the Beast, written by Steve HarrisWhite man came across the sea,He brought us pain and misery.He killed our tribes, he killed our creed,He took our game for his own need.
Run to the Hills, written by Steve HarrisRun to the hills, run for your lives.
Run to the HillsAround the world the nations wait,For some wise word from their leading light.You know it's not only madmen who listen to fools.Is this the end, the millions cried,Clutching their riches as they died.Those who survive must weather the storm.
Total Eclipse, written by Steve Harris, Dave Murray and Clive BurrThe sands of time for me are running low.
Hallowed Be Thy Name, written by Steve Harris

=== Piece of Mind (1983) ===
Just a babe in a black abyss,No reason for a place like this.The walls are cold and souls cry out in pain.An easy way for the blind to go,A clever path for the fools who knowThe Secret of the Hangman ­ the smile on his lips.The light of the Blind  you'll see,The venom that tears my spine,The Eyes of the Nile are opening  you'll see.
Revelations, written by Bruce DickinsonShe came to me with a serpents kiss,As the Eye of the Sun rose on her lips.Moonlight catches silver tears I cry.
RevelationsBind us all together,Ablaze with Hope and Free.No storm or heavy weather,Will rock the boat you'll see.
RevelationsNow the crowd breaks and a young boy appearsLooks the old man in the eyeAs he spreads his wings and shouts at the crowdIn the name of God my father I'll fly
Flight of Icarus, written by Adrian Smith and Bruce DickinsonFly, on your way, like an eagleFly as high as the SunOn your way, like an eagleFly, touch the Sun
Flight of Icarus13 the Beast is Rising,The Frenchman did surmise,Through earthquakes and starvation,The Warlord will arise,Terror, Death, Destruction,Pour from the Eastern sands,But the truth of all predictions,Is always in your hands.
Die with Your Boots On, written by Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson and Steve HarrisYou take my life but I'll take yours tooYou fire your musket but I run you throughSo when you're waiting for the next attackYou'd better stand there's no turning back.
The Trooper, written by Steve HarrisThe bugle sounds and the charge beginsBut on this battlefield no one winsThe smell of acrid smoke and horses breathAs I plunge on into certain death.
The Trooper

=== Powerslave (1984) ===
Running, scrambling, flyingRolling, turning, diving
Aces High, written by Steve HarrisRun,Live to fly, fly to live, do or dieWon't youRun, live to fly, fly to liveAces high
Aces HighThe killer's breed or the Demon's seed,The glamour, the fortune, the pain,Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain,Don't you pray for my soul anymore.
2 Minutes to Midnight, written by Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson2 minutes to midnight,The hands that threaten doom.2 minutes to midnight,To kill the unborn in the womb.
2 Minutes to MidnightTell me why I had to be a PowerslaveI don't wanna die, I'm a God,Why can't I live on?When the Life Giver dies,All around is laid waste,And in my last hour,I'm a Slave to the Power of Death.
Powerslave, Written by Bruce Dickinson

=== Somewhere in Time (1986) ===

Too much time on my handsI got you on my mindCan't ease this pain, so easilyWhen you can't find the words to sayIt's hard to make it through another dayAnd it makes me want to cryAnd throw my hands up to the sky
Wasted Years, written by Adrian SmithSo understandDon't waste your timeAlways searching for those wasted yearsFace up... make your standAnd realize you're living in the golden years
Wasted Years

=== Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988) ===
Infinite dreams, I can't deny themInfinity is hard to comprehendI couldn't hear those screamsEven in my wildest dreams
Infinite Dreams, written by Steve HarrisIt can't be all coincidenceToo many things are evidentYou tell me you're an unbelieverSpiritualist? Well me I'm neitherBut wouldn't you like to knowThe truthOf what's out there to have the proofAnd find out just which sideYou're onWhere would you end in Heaven orIn hell?
Infinite DreamsThere's got to be just more to itThan thisOr tell me why do we existI'd like to think that when I dieI'd get a chance, another timeAnd to return and live againReincarnate, play the gameAgain and again and again
Infinite DreamsCan I play with Madness?The prophet stared at his crystal ball,Can I play with Madness?There's no vision there at all.Can I play with Madness?The prophet looked and he laughed at me!Can I play with Madness?He said you're blind, too blind to see!
Can I Play with Madness, written by Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris

Living on the razor's edgeBalancing on the ledgeYou know, you know!
The Evil That Men Do, written by Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson and Steve HarrisCircle of fire my baptism of joyAnd an end it seemsThe seventh lamb slainThe book of life opens before me
The Evil That Men DoAnd I will pray for youSome day I may returnDon't you cry for meBeyond is where I learn
The Evil That Men DoThe evil that men do lives on and on!
The Evil That Men DoThere's a time to live but isn't it strangeThat as soon as you're born you're dying
The Claivoyant, written by Steve Harris

=== No Prayer for the Dying (1990) ===
I've lived in filth I've lived in sinAnd I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in
Holy Smoke, written by Steve Harris and Bruce DickinsonA million network slavesIn an advertising new ageI don't need a crystal ball to sell yaYour children have more brainsThan your drug infested remainsCalifornia dreaming as the Earth dies screaming
Public Enema Number One, written by Dave Murray and Bruce DickinsonBring your daughter, bring your daughter to the slaughterLet her go, let her go, let her go
Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter, written by Bruce DickinsonMother RussiaDance of the CsarsHold up your headsRemember who you areCan you releaseThe anger the griefCan you be happyNow your people are free
Mother Russia, written by Steve Harris

=== Fear of the Dark (1992) ===
The serpent is crawling inside of your earHe says you must vote for what you want to hearDon't matter what's wrong as long as you're alrightSo pull yourself stupid and rob yourself blind.
Be Quick or Be Dead, written by Bruce Dickinson and Janick GersNow we live, in a world of uncertaintyFear is the key - to what you want to beYou don't get a say the majority gets its wayYou're outnumbered by the bastards till the day you die...
Fear Is the Key, written by Bruce Dickinson and Janick GersMaybe one day I'll be an honest manUp 'till now I'm doing the best I canLong roads, long days, of sunrise, to sunsetSunrise to sunset
Wasting Love, written by Bruce Dickinson and Janick GersDream on brothers, while you canDream on sisters, I hope you find the oneAll of our lives, covered up quicklyBy the tides of time
Wasting LoveSands are flowing and the linesAre in your handIn your eyes I see the hunger, and theDesperate cry that tears the night
Wasting LoveSpend your days full of emptinessSpend your years full of lonelinessWasting love, in a desperate caressRolling shadows of nights
Wasting LoveYou can make your own luckYou create your destinyI believe you have the power if you want to..........it's true
The Apparition, written by Steve Harris and Janick Gers
When the light begins to changeI sometimes feel a little strangeA little anxious when it's dark
Fear of the Dark, written by Steve HarrisHave you ever been alone at nightThought you heard footsteps behindAnd turned around and no one's there?And as you quicken up your paceYou'll find it hard to look againBecause you're sure that someone's there
Fear of the DarkFear of the dark, fear of the darkI have constant fear that something's always nearFear of the dark, fear of the darkI have a phobia that someone's always there
Fear of the Dark

=== The X Factor (1995) ===

I don't care for this world anymoreI just want to live my own fantasyFate has brought us to these shoresWhat was meant to be is now happening
Lord of the Flies, written by Steve Harris and Janick GersI've found that I like this living in dangerLiving on edge it feels, it makes me feel as oneWho cares now what's right or wrong,it's reality
Lord of the FliesWe don't need a code of moralityI like all the mixed emotion and angerIt brings out the animal, the power you can feelAnd feeling so high on this much adrenalinExcited but scary to believe what we've become
Lord of the FliesSaints and sinnersSomething within usTo be lord of the flies
Lord of the FliesTry to release the anger from withinForgive yourself a few immortal sinsDo you really care what people thinkAre you strong enough to release the guilt
The Unbeliever, written by Steve Harris and Janick Gers

=== Virtual XI (1998) ===
I want to live my life on my ownI want to lift the unturned stoneI want to walk right into the fireI want to live out all my desiresI want to go and see the fire burnI want to see and feel my world turnI want to know what more there's to learnI want to pass the point of no return
The Educated Fool, written by Steve Harris

=== Brave New World (2000) ===
You watch the world exploding every single nightDancing in the sun a newborn in the lightSay goodbye to gravity and say goodbye to deathHello to eternity and live for every breath
The Wicker Man, written by Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Bruce DickinsonYour time will come, your time will come
The Wicker ManThe ferryman wants his money you ain't going to give it backHe can push his own boat as you set up off the trackNothing you can contemplate will ever be the sameEvery second is a new spark, sets the universe aflame
The Wicker ManWithered hands, withered bodies begging for salvationDeserted by the hand of gods of their own creationNations cry underneath decaying skies aboveYou are guilty
Out of the Silent Planet, written by Janick Gers, Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris

The punishment is death for all who live
Out of the Silent PlanetThe killing fields, the grinding wheels crushed by equilibriumSeparate lives no more disguise, no more second chancesHaggard wisdom spitting out the bitter taste of hateI accuse youBefore you know the crime it's all too late
Out of the Silent PlanetOut of the silent planetDreams of desolationOut of the silent planetCome the demons of creation
Out of the Silent PlanetThere's a thin line between love and hateWider divide that you can see between good and badThere's a grey place between black and whiteBut everyone does have the right to choose the path that he takes
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate, written by Dave Murray and Steve Harris

=== Dance of Death (2003) ===
When I'm feeling down and lowI vow I'll never be the same againI just remember what I amAnd visualize just what I'm gonna be
Wildest Dreams, written by Adrian Smith and Steve HarrisWhen I was wandering in the desert and was searching for the truthI heard a choir of angels calling out my name.I had the feeling that my life would never be the same againI turned my face towards the barren sun.
Rainmaker, written by Dave Murray, Steve Harris and Bruce DickinsonAnd I know, of the pain, that you feel the same as me.And I dream, of the rain, as it falls upon the leaves.And the cracks, in our lives, like the cracks upon the ground.They are sealed, and are now, washed away.
RainmakerYou tell me we can start  the rain.You tell me that we all can change.You tell me we can find something to wash the tears away.You tell me we can start  the rain.You tell me that we all can change.You tell me we can find something to wash the tears.
RainmakerSo we can only get one chance can we take itAnd we only get one life can't exchange itCan we hold on to what we have don't replace itThe age of innocence is fading... like an old dream
Age of Innocence, written by Dave Murray and Steve HarrisAnd the fragment remains of our memoriesAnd the shadows we made with our handsDeeper grey, come to form all the colors of the dawnWill this Journeyman’s day be his last?
Journeyman, written by Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Bruce DickinsonIn your life you may choose desolationAnd the shadows you build with your handsIf you turn to the lightThat is burning in the nightThen the Journeyman's day has begun
JourneymanI know what I wantI'll say what I wantAnd no one can take it away

=== A Matter of Life and Death (2006) ===
We are cast out by our bloody fathers handWe are strangers in this lonely promised landWe are shadows of the one unholy ghostIn our nightmare world the only one we trust
Lord of Light, written by Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson

=== The Final Frontier (2010) ===
El Dorado come and playEl Dorado step this wayTake a ticket for the rideEl Dorado streets of goldSee my ship is oversoldYou've got one last chance to try
El Dorado, written by Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Bruce DickinsonLeft the elders to their parley meant to satisfy our lust,Leaving Damocles still hanging over all their promised trustWalk away from freedoms offered by their jailers in their cageStep into the light startripping over mortals in their rage
Starblind, written by Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson

=== Other ===
There's an evil virus that's threatening mankindNot state of the art, a serious state of the mindThe muggers, the backstabbers, the two faced eliteA menace to society, a social disease
Virus, written by Blaze Bayley, Dave Murray, Janick Gers and Steve Harris, featured in the 1996 compilation album Best of the Beast

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