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Rabbi Chaim Zelig Slonimsky (31 March 1810 in Białystok – 15 May 1904 in Warsaw) was a noted rabbi and mathematician, and an award-winning inventor.

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Stalin invented Slonimsky! Then he must have also invented the genetic content of one-quarter of me, for Z. Y. Slonimsky, known to the world of Jewish scholarship as Chaim Selig Slonimsky, was my paternal grandfather. A swarm of childhood memories invaded my brain. Ever since I could remember, my mother used to tell me amazing tales about my grandfather, who was a genius, but an impractical one. "Don’t follow in his footsteps," she cautioned me.
Nicolas Slonimsky, on reading denials of Stalin's claims that Slonimsky had helped to invent the telegraph.  Quoted in Commentary Magazine. Jan 1977.

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