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Akber Ahmed Choudhry (born 1967) is a political analyst and activist based in London, UK.

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Most activist Muslims, like me, will always fight to protect Jews from anti-Semitism but will always fight the racist and apartheid goals of Zionism.
Zionism requires a continuous shrill cacophony in the background, for it requires the suspension of reason in asserting that an end goal for one people can be justified by any means against another.
 جو بھی کامل معاشرہ کا آبِ حیات بیچتا ہے وہ آپ کا دشمن ہے۔ وہ آپ کی انسانیت کا دشمن ہے۔
Translation: Anyone who tries to sell you the elixir of life in the form of a perfect society - is your enemy - the enemy of your humanity.
Describing some Muslim preachers who try to sell the utopia of a perfect Islamic society.

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