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Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic (Portuguese: República Portuguesa), is a country located in the southwestern tip of Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula. It borders with Spain by land (North and East) and with the Atlantic Ocean by sea (West and South).

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O Christ! it is a goodly sight to seeWhat Heaven hath done for this delicious land!
Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812), Canto I, stanza 15.As armas e os barões assinaladosQue da ocidental praia lusitanaPor mares nunca de antes navegadosPassaram ainda além da TaprobanaEm perigos e guerras esforçadosMais do que prometia a força humanaE entre gente remota edificaramNovo Reino, que tanto sublimaram.
Arms and the Heroes, who from Lisbon's shore,Thro' seas where sail was never spread before,Beyond where Ceylon lifts her spicy breast,And waves her woods above the watery waste,With prowess more than human forc'd their wayTo the fair kingdoms of the rising day:What wars they wag'd, what seas, what dangers past,What glorious empire crown'd their toils at last.
Luís de Camões, opening lines of The Lusiads (1572), as translated by William Julius Mickle (1776).Esta é a ditosa pátria minha amada.
This is my happy land, my home, my pride.
Luís de Camões, The Lusiads (1572), Canto III, st. 21, as translated by Richard Francis Burton (1880).I found my April dream in Portugal with youWhen we discovered romance, like we never knew.My head was in the clouds, My heart went crazy too,And madly I said: "I love you."
José Galhardo, Coimbra (1947), translated by Jimmy Kennedy as April in Portugal (1950).Portuguese wit suggests rebranding the whole country as Poortugal.
The Economist, "More Pain, Less Gain" (20 October 2012)The European Union and many of its countries, which used to take initiatives in the United Nations for peaceful settlements of conflict, are now one of the most important war assets of the U.S./NATO front.  Many countries have also been drawn into complicity in breaking international law through U.S./U.K./NATO wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and so on.
Mairead Maguire in The Disturbing Expansion of the Military-Industrial Complex, Common Dreams, (14 October 2014)The example of family unity, pursuit of education and respect for the elderly set by the Portuguese are profound lessons for all of us.
Barbara B. Kennelly, "Commemorating Day of Portugal", Congressional Record, Volume 143, Issue 69, (May 22, 1997), Page E1024, United States House of Representatives.Ó mar salgado, quanto do teu salSão lágrimas de Portugal!
Oh salty sea, how much of your saltare tears of Portugal!
Fernando Pessoa, Poem "Mar Português" (1934), lines 1–2Cette petite nation se trouvant tout-à-coup maîtresse du commerce le plus riche & le plus étendu de la terre, ne fut bientôt composée que de marchands, de facteurs & de matelots, que détruisoient de longues navigations. Elle perdit aussi le fondement de toute puissance réelle, l'agriculture, l'industrie nationale & la population. II n'y eut pas de proportion entre son commerce & les moyens de le continuer. Elle fit plus mal encore: elle voulut être conquérante, & embrassa une étendue de terrein, qu'aucune nation de l'Europe ne pourroit conserver sans s'affoiblir.
This small nation, suddenly finding itself mistress of the richest and most extensive commerce in the world, was soon peopled only by merchants, factors and mariners, whose health was destroyed by long voyages. It thus lost the foundation of all real power, namely agriculture, national manufactures and population. There was no proportion between its trade and the means of continuing it. Worse still, it set out to make conquests, and extended itself over a vast area of land that no nation in Europe would have been able to retain without making itself weak.
Guillaume-Thomas Raynal, Histoire des deux Indes (1770), Book I, Ch. 29 — A History of the Two Indies, Peter Jimack (ed.) (2006), Extract IX, p. 14

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