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Anthony Rapp (born 26 October 1971 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American stage and film actor.

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I think it tells the truth and it cuts to the heart of so many profound aspects of human experience unlike many musicals, which cover more frivolous topics.
One on one with Anthony Rapp on his return to "Rent". concertlivewire.com (April 7, 2009).
About the musical RentI do prefer men. I’ve always been very open about that. I don’t really care anymore about labels, per se, but I think it’s interesting to talk about the whole spectrum of the experiences. I think for some people, when they think that public figures say something like what I said, they’re trying to obfuscate or hide. I wasn’t trying to do that — I was trying to have an open conversation about the nature of sexuality, and that there’s a fluidity to it to some degree in some cases. I’ve always liked the word “queer,” because it’s an umbrella word that covers all of it. I also like the fact that “queer” was reclaimed from being an epithet to being a word that’s empowering.
About a Bwoy: An exclusive interview with Anthony Rapp. Metro Weekly (March 23, 2017).

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