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Seasons: 1-3 | 4-6 | 7-9  | 10-12 | MainDegrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school. It is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High which originally showed in the '80s.

== Season 7 ==

=== Standing in the Dark (1) [7.01] ===
Peter: I'm a jackass. Sorry. Jackbutt.Darcy: You know I took a vow of abstinence!Peter: Yeah? Well, the problem is, I didn't!

=== Standing in the Dark (2) [7.02] ===
Jane: Get a room, you two. Oh, wait, you already did that, you sly dogs.
Darcy: (looks at Peter) You told her?
Peter: No!
Jane: Those two fuzzhead twins won't shut up about it.Darcy: You said every girl was entitled to a secret, you said it, Manny.
Manny: I didn't mean getting raped!Derek: Come on, dude, you can tell us what happened.
Danny: Yeah, I mean, we're practically friends!Darcy: I remember me and peter having sex, I remember the whole thing, it was beautiful.
Manny: Thats not what you said yesterday.
Darcy: Well...my memory came back.

=== Love Is a Battlefield [7.03] ===
Paige: This is the right thing to do. But it still hurts.Paige: Oh. My god. Take off the dress now!
Alex: I wanted to surprise you...
Paige: Well, congratulations!

=== It's Tricky [7.04] ===
Ashley: I was always Craig's sidekick. I don't want to be Jimmy's. Does that make me a bitch?Emma: He wrote all those songs in rehab?
Ashley: Except 'My Window'.
Spinner: It's not that bad, actually. Not like the other songs.
Ashley: That's because I wrote it.

=== Death or Glory (1) [7.05] ===
Jimmy: Shouldn't you see a doctor?
Spinner: Nah, I'm just backed up. Need me some loving from sweet, sweet Jane!Jimmy: Uh, yeah, but what did the doctor say?
Spinner: She said I might maybe, possibly, have cancer of the nuts.

=== Death or Glory (2) [7.06] ===
Spinner: Look, we gotta stop this Lakehurst-Degrassi crap, okay?
Johnny DiMarco: Look, who cares about that, all right? We're famous.Spinner: You want some? You want some? You got some.

=== We Got the Beat [7.07] ===
Manny: How can I respect someone who thinks every descision I make is wrong?Manny: You ever been to a debut?
Jay: A debut?
Manny: Yeah, it's kinda like a big debutante ball thing. Listen, be my escort.

=== Jesse's Girl [7.08] ===
Jesse: You know I like my redheads with blue eyes.
Ellie: I have green eyes!Jesse: I can't believe I'm actually going to interview the Caitlin Ryan.
Ellie: Oh, actually, Caitlin thought it'd be great if I did the interview. Mentor...
Caitlin: I think with our history together, it'd be fantastic.Jesse: Ellie, can we just talk? Please?
Ellie: My boyfriend-slash-boss making out with my mentor. What's to discuss?

=== Hungry Eyes [7.09] ===
Emma: What, you don't think I can wear a tiny dress and sell energy drinks?
Liberty: Everyone knows you never would.Holly J: I hate to have something in common with you, but we both need men, not boys.
Derek: Hey ladies, are your legs tired?
Danny: You've been running through our dreams all night!Emma: I Am Not Going To Shut Up! (Pushes The Purple Dragon Leader And Takes Off Her Dress)Manny: So you busted out the birthday suit early this year. Tell me, how does that feel?
Emma: Massively embarrassing, but at least I had control over what people saw.
Manny: Too bad you can't control what they think. Or dream. Or fantasize.

=== Pass The Dutchie [7.10] ===
Spinner: Ms. H, I made a vow: Jimmy and I are gonna graduate TOGETHER. Please, don't send me home.Jimmy: So this your thing now? Spinner Mason, chronic stoner.
Spinner: So this is your thing now? Jimmy Brooks, guy who loves to bust balls. Or in my case, ball.Jane: You kinda hurt me, dude.Spinner: I really like you.
Jane: I really like you too.
Spinner: Cool. (pause) One more thing. (leans forward, kisses Jane passionately)

=== Owner Of A Lonely Heart [7.11] ===
Marco: This is what you do?! You have sex with people for money?!Joseph: Manuela, what is going on?
Jay: We were just celebrating-
Joseph: I can see that. Come on, Manuela. Goodbye Jason, don't come here again.
Manny: We were celebrating that we're engaged!

=== Live To Tell [7.12] ===
Darcy's Mom: So can I pick you up or will you have another detention today?
Darcy: I can walk home by myself, like I have since I was a kid.
Darcy's Mom: Well when you were a kid, I didn't have to worry about what kind of trouble you were getting into.
Darcy: Well sorry for changing. It's a good thing you've still stayed the same. You're still a bitch.
Darcy's Mom: [appalled at what Darcy just called her] EXCUSE ME, YOUNG LADY! I HEARD THA- [she stops speaking, livid and lost for words]Peter: I really tried to help. But you're, like, hopeless.Darcy: (grabs scissors) Let's just talk. Can't we just talk?
Mr. Simpson: Darcy, put the scissors down.

=== Bust A Move (1) [7.13] ===
Jay: I'm gonna need this. One day, you'll be famous and forget all about me...
Manny: What makes you think I'll wait 'til I'm famous to leave you?
Jay: So I'm here for a good time, not for a long time?
Manny: That's my little trooper.

=== Bust A Move (2) [7.14] ===
Manny: I knew I never should've trusted you! Jay Hogart brings nothing but disappointment and failure to life!Jay: (notices Manny's car attached to the tow truck) Manny? How did you-?
Manny: I've seen you do it, like, a thousand times.Spinner: It's Craig?! We drove this far to see a guy I can call? (to everyone) I was his drummer!Manny: Where ever you're going, I'm going.

=== Got My Mind Set On You [7.15] ===
Derek: So Rachel, I was thinking maybe we could go out sometime.
Rachel: Derek? Maybe we should focus on the project.Emma: You wanna walk him together? He would be like ours.
Damien: Whoa, like ours? But we just started going out.

=== Sweet Child 'O Mine [7.16] ===
Lucas: You can't avoid me forever.
Mia: That's the plan.Manny: So, you wanna have lunch together?
Jay: Can't. I'm going to Hooters with your dad.Teacher: Looks like Manny's got a real diamond here.
Manny: (shocked) I, uh, must've got lucky raiding my mom's jewelery box.Lucas: So you'll take my money, but you won't even talk to me?
Mia: Why now, Lucas? Please, humor me. Why now?Lucas: I was fourteen, okay? I was scared.
Mia: I was THIRTEEN! You don't think I didn't wanna walk away? Sometimes I still do!Johnny: Macking on the golden boy while Lucas is with the kid? Real classy.Mia: Did you see an envelope in here?
Holly J: Sorry Momma Mia, no money from baby daddy today.

=== Talking In Your Sleep [7.17] ===
Griffin:Are you sure?
Paige: Why all the talking and not the kissing?

Paige: What's your problem. I hate you!

== Season 8 ==

=== Uptown Girl Part 2 [8.02] ===
K.C.: Clare
Clare: What? Didn't get your digs in class? (referring to a joke that was referring to Clare singing a hymn in the cafeteria)
K.C.: alli was only joking ... Are you alright?
Clare: I was until you had me make a fool of myself.
K.C.: I'm sorry ... I was trying to prove that you care what people think.
Clare: Mission accomplished. Now i know they think I'm a dork. (begins to walk away)
K.C.: So now it's back to only hangin' out with the smart kids.
Clare: (pauses, slowly walking back to K.C.) They get me, okay? They don't think I'm weird, or .. laugh at me.
K.C.: So it's not that you don't care what people think.
Clare: My sister Darcy is the "pretty" and "popular" one. I'm good at being the smart one.
K.C.: ... You're so much more than the smart one.(both smile at each other)

=== Fight the Power [8.03] ===
Jane: I just want to play football.
Spinner: Is playing football really worth all this?Jane: Those two just jumped me in the hall, you gonna do something now?

=== Didn't We Almost Have it All [8.04] ===
Holly J.: How many girls have you slept with?Holly J.: I look...
Blue: Beautiful.

=== Man With Two Hearts [8.05] ===
'Alli and Clare: It's hers.Clare: You're talking about underwear in Media Immersion and I'm the one with the problem?Riley: Easy, all star!Riley: Give it up, you can't beat me!
Peter: Oh, yeah? Watch me!Peter: AAH!
Mia: I told you not to do that!
Peter: I'm just trying to put some color in your cheeks before the big shoot.
Mia: It's been postponed, so do you wanna go to a movie?
Peter: Yeah. Oh, wait, I have a project with Riley.
Mia: Should I be jealous?
Peter: Ha, ha, yeah. Hey why don't you come hang out with us?K.C.: And I need brain food. Why dont you show me where you keep the peanut butter.

=== With or Without You [8.06] ===
Sav: Do you know what your new nickname is?
Alli: No?
Sav: Backwoods Bhandari. They think you hooked up with Johnny.
Alli: That's awesome!
Sav: You WANT them to call you that?!
Alli: Well, it's better than 'Sav's Little Sister' or 'Niner Geek'.
Sav: [ now losing his cool] You know what, you better go to your tent.
Alli: Why? I didn't do anything. You are such a hypocrite. I saw the pack of condoms you brought.
Sav: [realizing what she means, Sav is lost for words] You have no idea what you're talking about.
Alli: And you're worried about what people might think about me?
Sav: [now angry] Go to your tent NOW!
Alli: [grumbles while walking away] So unfair.Anya: And now we'll be able to say we went out for exactly six months.
Sav: I'm not following.
Anya: Your last family gathering didn't include me. We're done.
Danny: Do they have refunds on condoms?

=== Money for Nothing [8.07] ===
Spinner: Why, daddy won't spend for the expensive Channel bag?
Holly J.: It's Chanel. And no.Mia: I'm so sorry you had to find out like that.

=== Lost in Love Part 1 [8.09] ===
Connor: What was K.C. doing with that heart? What was K.C. doing with that heart?
Alli: Sending Clare a rose to ask her to the dance. Don't you dare tell her.
Connor: She should go with me, we're better friends!Jay: A month ago, Manny wouldn't return my calls. Now, she... answers, and then hangs up. That is love at work, buddy!

=== Lost in Love Part 2 [8.10] ===
Clare: I wanted to go with you.
K.C.: Prove it. By dancing with me.Kelly: No, I came here to kiss you.Manny: You can't have everyone like you all the time. Sometimes you have to choose, and this time you chose wrong. (about Kelly supposedly choosing Gweneth over Emma)
Connor: You're my date to the dance! You're supposed to dance with me.

=== Bad Medicine [8.11] ===
Peter: Don't they give you boobs and make you all paranoid and stuff?Riley: I'm on a date with Anya, and I like her. A lot.Anya: C'mon! What type of bread would you be?
Riley: I don't know!
Anya: Okay, I'll go. I would be...a Pop Tart.
Riley: A Pop Tart? Is that even a kind of bread?
Anya: I don't know!
Riley: You're way too cute when you laugh.Sav: We went out for six months! That's way more important than some stupid gay picnic!

=== Causing a Commotion [8.12] ===
Clare: What, should we just kick out everyone who's not a jock?
The Shep: Don't tease me.
Clare: You're a terrible principal!
The Shep: And you're a little bitch.Clare: You can't give me detention for having a point of view.
The Shep: Sure I can. I'm the principal.Sav: It's my life, and I want you in it.

=== Heat of the Moment [8.12] ===
Alli: You're not breaking up with me.Holly J.: If I wanted to ruin your life, I would create an I Hate Alli group, have 400 people join, and talk about how much they hate you and want you dead.Sav: The Sinclairs called the police.

=== Jane Says Part 1 [8.13] ===
Jane: He put me to bed every night.Mrs. Valieri: Are you okay with him being around more?Lucas: You and your stupid backwards pajamas.

=== Jane Says Part 2 [8.14] ===
Spinner: Talk to me.Jane: Urination is key to a healthy diet. Besides, who doesn't love that "fresh from yourself" taste?

=== Touch of Grey [8.15] ===
Emma: Wanna blaze?Emma: I'm tired of everyone calling me blonde Emma. I'm not even blonde anymore!KC: You had this idea that I was a good guy. I kind of liked it.Clare: KC you didnt punch him did you?Emma: [on her cellphone while in class] Kelly! Are you in the room?
Kelly: Yes, what's up?
Emma: I didn't get rid of it! There is still brownies and weed in the room. They're doing searches.

=== Heart Of Glass [8.16] ===
Clare: I think you should zip your jacket back up.
Alli: I think Johnny won't agree.Grace: Are you and Johnny gonna seal the deal tonight?Clare: My 12th birthday, totally like this!Clare: It's a political allegory of the Russian Revolution!
Bruce: Pigs started the Russian evolution?Johnny: (after Alli puts her hands over his eyes and he turns around) You're not Bruce.

=== Danger Zone [8.18] ===
Clare: I think the reason we fight all the time is because we're afraid if we don't... we'll do this [Clare tries to kiss KC]
KC: [Pulls away from Clare]
Clare: Or maybe I had it all wrong .[Clare tries to leave]
KC:no You had it right. [KC pulls Clare in for a kiss]Holly J: (Blocking Spinner from Chris[the Guy with the Gun]) Don't shoot!Chris: (looking at Spinner) This guys playing tricks with me.
Holly J: No, he's just trying to be a stupid hero!Holly J: I got kicked off the squad, my dad lost all his money, and (checks to see if Spinner is still listening) ... I'm in love with the stupid hero over there.Mia: (to Peter) Look, it's Holly J. (Everyone claps for her. She smiles)

== Season 9 ==

=== Just Can't Get Enough Part 2 [9.02] ===
Spinner: I'm a one armed drummer.

=== Close To Me [9.04] ===
Spinner: Remember, I love you.

=== You Be Illin [9.05] ===
Jenna: Hey Johnny DiMarco. I've noticed you, around school.
Johnny: Your eyes work, good.
Jenna: [touches his hair] You know what they say about guys with big headphones.
Johnny: Big ears?
Jenna: You and Alli broke up right? You're... available?Johnny: You want the truth? Your friend, Alli...is the only girl I want.Jenna: Alli, he loves you!

=== Wanna Be Startin' Something [9.06] ===
Holly J [to Jane about Declan]: I saw you two sucking face outside the Everhart's! I know, Jane.
 Jane [to Holly J]: You know what friend, I don't care what you think you saw, stay out of my business!
 Bruce: You're a dead man, Dave!

=== Beat It Part 1 [9.07] ===
Ms. H: Larissa's the head of our LGBT club.
Riley: What's that? A sandwich?

=== Beat It Part 2 [9.08] ===
Fiona: You can't cure homosexuality
Riley: Yes, you can. It's like a disease.
Fiona:  Wow, you must really hate yourself.
Riley: [to Fiona] Too bad you can't cure bitch!

=== Heart Like Mine Part 1 [9.11] ===
Clare: Jenna, your butt crack is showing!Clare: What are you doing here?
KC: Just tell me what happened at the car wash.
Clare: You really don't know?
KC: We were all having fun, and you lost your mind. What's up with you?
Clare: Jenna's trying to edge me out of your life and you're letting her.
KC: Clare, no one's edging anyone out. I'm allowed to be friends with other girls, you know.
Clare: And flirt with them too?
KC: You know, Coach thinks it's normal to look at other girls.
Clare: Really, so do you do everything the coach says?
KC: No, but we just make each other mad.
Clare: What do you mean?
KC: If we can't be happy, maybe we shouldn't be together.
Clare: So we're breaking up?
KC: Yeah. I guess we are. I'm sorry.
Clare: Just tell me one thing. How long have you liked her?
KC: I tried not to, Clare.
Clare: Sure Whatever Loser.KC: When I want something, I go after it. [kisses Jenna on the lips]

== Cast ==
Drake - James "Jimmy" Brooks
Shane Kippel - Spinner Mason
Sam Earle - K.C. Guthrie
Aislinn Paul - Clare Edwards
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