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Devil (also known as The Night Chronicles: Devil) is a United States 2010 supernatural horror film based on a story by M. Night Shyamalan and is the first of The Night Chronicles trilogy. Centering on five people trapped in a lift following a mysterious suicide, who begin to realise the Devil is among them as they start to mysteriously die. 

Directed by John Erick Dowdle. Screenplay by Brian Nelson 

== Jane Kowski ("Old Woman") ==
Damn. I really wanted you
You think this will make you good? You're not good.
Whores, liars, cheats, and deserters: it's all the same to me.

== Sarah Caraway (Young woman) ==
Are you threatening me? (towards the Mechanic)
It feels like something *bit* me!
Turn on the lights!
Oh my god, it is you. (towards the Mechanic)
Please don't let him kill me Ben.
Do i look like such a threat?
Don't come near me, any of you.
And what will be your defence? Huh? She killed them all, so I had to kill her?
You take me down, they're pinning all of this on you.
I'll put this down if you do too.
I think someone pulled my blouse.
Well this is reassuring.
Where's Ramsey? He knows me.
I'm Sarah.
What is that?
He's trying to escape.
Keep him away from me.
Do you seriously think I would do this to myself?
I've never seen a person die.

== Vince McCormick (Mattress Salesman) ==
When's the last time you heard somebody say 'hang tough'?
Oh, this is not good...

== Anthony "Tony" Janekowski (Mechanic) ==
Must be working on the power again.
Yeah ! I spent some time in Afghanistan..
If I can get up there, I can maybe figure out what's wrong with this thing.
I'am a mechanic. I'm pretty good with this sort of thing..
They cant hear you. We BOTH know who did this."towards Sarah"

== Dialogue ==
Dwight: [over radio] You sure you're reading that right? Your eyes ain't what they used to be.
Lustig: [in control room] You know what, I'll ask your mom to read it for me next time I got her bent over the console.
Dwight: My mom's 78, have at it.Ramirez: [seeing ghostly face on monitor] You see it?
Lustig: Yeah, look, that's just... That's just grain in the image. That's, you know, it's a mistake. It's like when people see Jesus in a pancake or something.

== Taglines ==
Bad Things Happen For A Reason
On any ordinary day, our lives are filled with chance encounters and random events. But today everything happens for a reason. This fall, one of these five people is not who they appear to be.
From Universal Pictures comes a new nightmare from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.
Five strangers trapped. One of them is not what they seem.
The Night Chronicles Begin.

== Cast ==
Chris Messina - Detective Bowden
Logan Marshall-Green - Anthony "Tony" (listed on the credits as "Mechanic")
Bojana Novakovic -  Sarah (listed on the credits as "Young Woman")
Bokeem Woodbine - Ben Larson (listed on the credits as "Guard")
Geoffrey Arend - Vince McCormick (listed on the credits as "Salesman")
Jenny O'Hara - Jane Kowski (listed on the credits as "Old Woman")
Matt Craven - Lustig
Jacob Vargas - Ramirez
Joshua Peace - Detective Markowitz
Joe Cobden - Dwight
Caroline Dhavernas - Elsa Nahai (forensic psychiatrist)
Zoie Palmer - Cheryl (Tony fiancee)
Vincent Laresca - Henry
Craig Eldridge - Donnelly
Killian Gray - Uni
Kelly Jones - Firefighter Kurtzy
Lee Olivera - Firefighter
Joe Pingue - Business Bureau Clerk
Jonathan Potts - Wayne Kazan (divorce lawyer for Sarah)
Alice Poon - Officer Choi
Gage Munroe - Jesse Bowden
Stacy Chbosky - Car Crash Woman

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