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When Heaven Burns is a 2011 Hong Kong television series starring Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Shiu and Kenny Wong. It is the first Hong Kong soap opera to be censored in Mainland China in more than two decades.

== Episode seven ==
Dr. Dylan:Take a look at our world, look at the state of our city, apart from the word  money we can no longer differentiate between black and white, we have all been shaped by the environment to be as if we were all the products of the same mould. To like to eat the same food, to like the same television programs, to support the same political viewpoint, to subscribe to the same lifepath from birth to death, this city is dying, you know?

「你睇吓我地呢個世界,睇下我地呢個城市係乜野樣,除咗錢呢個字之外,我地已經分辦唔出是非黑白,我地每個人都被環境訓練到,好似倒模出嚟咁。鍾意食同一樣既­嘢、鐘意同一樣電視節目、支持同一種政治立場,信奉同一種生死病死既做人方法,this city is dying, you know?」

== Episode twenty nine ==
Yip Chi Yan (Hazel, Yan): Harmony is not hundreds of people saying the same thing, it's hundreds of people respecting each other despite saying hundred different things.「和諧唔係一百個人講同一說話,和諧係一百個人有一百句唔同說話之餘,又互相尊重。」

== Episode thirty ==
Yip Chi Yan (Hazel, Yan):In our lives we inevitably make countless decisions large and small, and inevitably we ask ourselves, what if? What if, with this decision on that day I had chosen differently, would the me of today still be the same? Different choices will lead down different roads, but I believe that in the end they will all appear at the same place, I believe.「我們一生中總會做個無數次大大小小的決定,而我們也總會試過問自己,如果?如果,這一個決定,我當日是做了另一個選擇的話,今天的我還不會是一樣,不同的決定,會走出不同的路,但我相信,到最後,他們都會在同一個終點出現,我相信。」