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Yellowbeard is a 1983 comedy about the search for the hidden treasure belong to the infamous pirate, Yellowbeard. Although imprisoned, Yellowbeard is allowed to escape so that he may lead the Navy to the location of his treasure.

Directed by Mel Damski. Written by Graham Chapman, Peter Cook, Bernard McKenna, and David Sherlock.

== Yellowbeard ==
Professor Death! Professor Rape!
Stagger, Stagger, Crawl, Crawl, Crawl.

== Dialogue ==
Harvey "Blind" Pew: I may be blind, but I've got acute 'earing.
Commander Clement: I'm not interested in your jewelry, cloth-eyes.

== Cast ==
Graham Chapman - Captain Yellowbeard
Peter Boyle - Mr. Moon
Richard "Cheech" Marin - El Segundo
Tommy Chong - El Nebuloso
Peter Cook - Lord Percy Lambourn
Marty Feldman - Gilbert (final role)
Martin Hewitt - Dan
Michael Hordern - Dr. Gilpin
Eric Idle - Commander Clement
Madeline Kahn - Betty
James Mason - Captain Hughes
John Cleese - Harvey "Blind" Pew
Kenneth Mars - Mr. Crisp and Verdugo
Spike Milligan - Flunkie
Stacey Nelkin - Triola
Nigel Planer - Mansell
Susannah York - Lady Churchill
Beryl Reid - Lady Lambourn
Ferdinand "Ferdy" Mayne - Mr. Beamish
John Francis - Chaplain
Peter Bull - Queen Anne (final role)
Bernard Fox - Tarbuck
Ronald Lacey - Man with Parrot
Greta Blackburn - Mister Prostitute
Nigel Stock - Admiral
Kenneth Danziger - Mr. Martin
Monte Landis - Prison Guard
Richard Wren - Pirate
Gillian Eaton - Rosie
Bernard McKenna - Askey
John Dair - Big John
Carlos Romano - Priest
Álvaro Carcaño - Beggar
Leopoldo Frances - Helmsman
Ava Harela - Flower Girl
Garry O'Neill - Sergeant of the Marines
David Bowie - The Shark (uncredited)
Carlos East - Swashbuckler (uncredited)
Michael Mileham - The Coxan (uncredited)
George Lane Cooper - (uncredited/unknown role)

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