[<< wikiquote] Seeing Double (film)
While in LA, the band finds themselves discovering that someone has cloned them and is plotted to take over the world. The band must find the clones, the man behind the cloning, clear their names of wrongdoing, and expose the plot. On the way, they suspect their manager, Allistar, has something to do with it. The film was theatrical released in United Kingdom in 2003.

== Quotes ==
Rachel: [after entering a room full of clones] Is that Posh Spice eating a steak and kidney pie?
Hannah: Well that proves she's not the real thing. There's Robbie Williams having a food fight with Eminem.
Tina: And Ozzy Osbourne! I can't believe they cloned Ozzy Osbourne.
Bradley: No, that's the real Ozzy Osbourne. Victor never cloned him. He's a mad scientist, but he's not insane.Tina: (After seeing the double Rachel and Hannah going in the shower with real Bradley): Wait, you can't do that!Jon: [after Plan Q is activated] Don't worry, I've seen this bit a thousand times; the heroes always save the day
Hannah: Right, so where are the heroes?
Rachel: We're the heroes, you mukeJo: That's it. He's fired.
Tina: Can we fire him? I mean, we signed a contract.
Jon: Yeah, but has anyone ever actually read the contract? I mean, apparently Alistair can make us weed his yard. And you know if he ever needs a kidney transplant, one of us has got to be the donor.
Rachel: I said we should have got a proper lawyer instead of your uncle Peter.
Hannah: My uncle Peter knows the legal system a lot better than any other lawyer.
Jo: Your uncle's an ex-con.Hannah: [Comes out wearing all of her clothes at once] I'm not taking a suitcase, I'll look far too suspicious.Alistair: A lot of people would love to be in your shoes.
Jon: Not in Jo's. Her feet stink.Male Reporter: Do you see yourselves as a manufactured band?
Jon: Do you see yourself as a war correspondent?