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Mike Oldfield (born 15 May 1953) is an English multi-instrumentalist musician and composer.

== Quotes ==
I want not to panic. I want to be comfortable in my body and my life. I don't want to keep thinking that I don't belong here, that I have ended up on the wrong planet, completely alienated. (from Changeling)
In this world, everything has a pulse or a vibration. This sound is unique to each living or non-living thing and in itself creates a music that no-one can hear. I believe that this has a very powerful resonance with, and a deep effect on, our lives. What would happen if we took this further and applied it to bigger things, more powerful things; like an entire solar system or galaxy say, what  would that sound like?Musica Universalis is the ancient theory that every celestial body, the sun, the moon and the stars, has an inner music. This is a harmonic and mathematical concept derived from the movements of the planets in the solar system. The music created is inaudible to the human ear.Music of the Spheres is my interpretation of this theory. Every planet and every star; the whole universe has music within it that no-one can hear. This is what it would sound like if it was set free. This is Music of the Spheres. (from the introduction to Music of the Spheres)

=== The Telegraph Interview, 10 june 2009 ===
Mike Oldfield interview for the re-release of Tubular BellsThe biggest problems were to do with... well, to get that successful when you're so young, it attracts hangers-on, parasites, people who want to feed off you. I thought people actually liked me, but they actually liked my money. I'd probably say to my younger self, get yourself a whole collection of lawyers. Which is what I have now. I don't have any friends; I just have lawyers. At the last count I had about 15 different sets of them for all kinds of problems. And you can trust them because you're paying them. I know that sounds very negative, but that's the world we live in.
When I was younger I had an incredible sensitivity; I suppose there were too many brain cells, or they were organised in the wrong way, and they've either reorganised themselves or I've lost lots of them through alcohol and substance abuse. I can get along without being terrified now. Maybe I've just got used to it.
Everything on Tubular Bells was done on the first take – it was lovely, so spontaneous. I had such a long time to prepare it, and I had just one little chance to do it, and now I listen to it and it has a lovely spontaneous energy. It's got mistakes, and I could easily have cut them out, but I left them on.
If it was a horrible thing I was known for, like some horrible pop song, it would annoy me, but it doesn't. I'm proud of it.
On Tubular Bells

== Song lyrics ==

=== Children of the Sun (1969) ===

We're lookingFor the strangersWith sunlight in their eyesWho lived on EarthWhen Man was newWhen Time wasJust a coloured dewThat grew inside their mind...Lady Mary

Hey, cool princessWith your eyes hangingThe milk of the moonHey, pretty princessTake me down to your cave in the dawnAnd you're gonna be a queenWhen the stars waterHeaven with tearsAnd you gonna love meWhen all ourGolden lands are free.Children of the Sun

I watch the boats go byAs the evening colours of the sandThe rain is bringing tearsFrom my lover's landI watch the silver starsmelt in love with the seaI cry to the wind:– Bring back my lover to me! -A lover for all seasons

Come, take my handAnd wander in the willow riverGlistening the blue bellsCome, take my fleshAnd wander in the sunny cornThat shimmer stills at snowfalls'Cause I love you loverI love you, like I loveThe Four high Seasons.Riversong 

My moon shines so softlyOn the hair of my killerPours flowers on his headHelp me, give him some shelter!Come, lie by the riverRest your head, don't you fearSleep softly, my babyThey won't find you here.Banquet on the Water 

Don't wanna know your nameYou're just my loverJust wanna spend the nightWalking beside you on the waterYou look like my loverBut you're words are coldYou say words like himBut thinking has made you grow old.Balloons

Little bluebird'sFluttering into my handSun falls in love over the landI will live foreverJust you wait and see No matter want you doTo my bluebird and me...Midsummer Nights Happening

Sunlight falling brightOver village garden wallsMoonlight shower's goldwhere leaving waterfallsPeople walk in splendourUnder trees hung in starlight.Love in Ice Crystals

Oh, my loveYou're searchingFor your nameBeside the seaOf dwells and dreamsWhere Shadows're dancingFor your glance...The sky would chanceThe granting of a dreamTo the restless soulThat dwells within your heart...

=== Ommadawn (1975) ===
On Horseback - Ommadawn part 2

Some find it strange to be hereOn this small planet and who knows where...But when it's strange and full of fearIt's nice to be on horseback.

=== Boxed (1976) ===
The Rio Grande

The sails are unfurledAnd the anchor's away going home...She heels to the breeze as she gathers her way,And we're bound to the old country.Then away, love, away, going home!We're homeward bound this very day,And we're bound to the old country...Speak (Tho' You Only Say Farewell)

Speak, vision of the night,Tell me why you haunt me so...Speak, heaven morning light,Whisper all my heart would know. Dawn never finds you,Gone back to where the Shadows dwell...Speak, my beloved, speak,tho' you only say farewell!

=== Incantations (1978) ===
Incantations part 2-Hiawatha's Departure

With a smile of joy and gladness, with a look of exultation, as of one who in a vision what is to be, but it is not, stood and waited Hiawatha. Toward the sun his hands were lifted both the palms spread out toward it and, between departed fingers, felt the sunshine on his features. Flecked with light his naked shoulders, as it falls and flecks an oak-tree through the rifted leaves and branches.Incantations part 3-The Son of the Evening Star

Can it be the sun descending o'er the level plain of water or the Red Swan floating, flying wounded by the Magic Arrow? Staining all the waves with crimson, with the crimson of its life-blood, filling all the air with splendor, filling all the air with plumage? [...] O'er it the Star of Evening melts and trembles through the purple, hangs suspensed in twilight, walks in silence through the heavens...Incantations part 4-Hymn to Diana

Queen and Huntress chaste and fairNow the Sun is laid to sleepSeated in the Silver ChairState in wonderManner keep [...]Hesperus entreats Thy lightGoddess excellently brightBless us then with a wished sightThou who mak'st the day of night...

=== Crises (1983) ===

The Watcher and the TowerWaiting hour by hour.Moonlight Shadow

The trees that whisper in the eveningCarried away by a moonlight shadowSing a song of sorrow and grievingCarried away by a moonlight shadowAll she saw was a silhouette of a gunFar away on the other sideHe was shot six times by a man on the runAnd she couldn't find how to push troughI stay, I pray, see you in heaven far awayI stay, I pray, see you in heaven one day...In High Places

Look down from in high placesLift up the groundWithout a sound[...]Check altitudeCheck your heart'n this cloudless blue'n this starlight night...Foreign Affair

Drifting a dreamOn a mystical sea...A wishful emotionA drop in the oceanA hush in the airYou can feel anywhereIn the cool twilightOf a tropical night...Shadow on the Wall

Treat me like I'm evilFreeze me till I'm coldBeat me till I'm feebleGrind me till I'm oldWire me till I'm tiredPush me like I fallTreat me like a criminal,just a shadow on the wall!

=== Discovery (1984) ===
To France

Taking on waterSailing a restless seaFrom a memoryA fantasyThe wind carries into white waterFar from the islandsDon't you know...You're never going to get to FranceMary, queen of chance, will they find you!Never going to get to France... Could a new romance ever bind you?
Walking on foreign groundLike a shadowRoaming in far off territoryOver your shoulderStories unfoldYou're searchingFor a sanctuary...
I see a picture by the lamp's flicker...Isn't it strange how dreams fade and shimmer?Poison Arrows

Somebody's out to get youHiding in the shadowsPoison arrows!Somebody's out to break youHiding in narrowsPoison arrows!
What you gonna do?Time is running out on you!Anyway you chooseAnyway you're gonna lose...Crystal Gazing

Watching for a sparkIt's a moonlight showReaching through the darkDo you have to go?
Voices in the darkAnd the lights burn lowTeach yourself the artThat you never knowTry to put a message throughTo your sweetheartWon't you like to knowThe secrets of the heart?Tricks of the Light

I'm half a crazy manWaiting for confirmation;Signs keep are changingAnd I need some more information.
Something tells me howHer bright blue eyesAre smiling;She turns her head and nowWhen she wants she denies him...
Some are tricks of the lightYou'll never knowMake a flickering midnightLight into a glow...Discovery

When you want the scoreWhen you need a helping handAnd you find closed doorsAnd you're back where you beganKeeping those secretsTelling those lies...Can anybody tell meWhat's the big surprise?
How can you sleepHow can you turn awayThinking so cheap?Some day you're gonna pay!You're keeping secretsI can see in your eyes:Can anybody tell meWhy the big disguise?Talk About Your Life

Talk about your lifeI'd like to knowIt's not easy goingWhere no-one goesAnd no-one knows...
Do we have to be so distantHow can you be so unreal?What's the reason for hiding andHow this crying make you feel?Saved by a Bell

Saved by a bellSuffer in hellBut you were too blind to tell!Saved by a bellSuffer in hellAnd you made it through so well!

=== Elements - The Best of Mike Oldfield (1986) ===

Standing in a new space,Waving at the sun...So you probably back in darknessTo where I belong.Just by being with youPictures flow out of my mind...Have we danced beforeLong ago or in another time?

=== Islands (1987) ===

We are islands, but never too farWe are islands, and I need your light tonight...
We can never be closer somehowFor the moment that lasts... Is this moment now?
There's a new pathThat we found just todayI was lost in the forestAnd you showed me the way...Flying Start

'We took a place in the sunTo see just what had becomeThe warm wind blows constantly...Does the answer still blow:Did you find your châteauIn that mediterranean fantasy? 
On dusty roads and tracksNow it's the time to come backThe warm wind blows constantlyRiding that storm since the day you were bornIs there somebody in? Now answer me!North Point

The writings on the wall at North PointSpeak to a silent roomThey shut the bars down, leave you to the gloom...
Somewhere far above has a new day risenWay beyond the searchlight comes alive...Then on a bright day at North PointThe gate was open wideThey chanced to look at what was inside...Magic Touch

Once in a lifetime, you find that powerTo break out and run from the devils deep clutch;All that you need it's the finest hourIs to believe in the magic touch.
Can believe it, like no other,love is a gift and you take it so much!You need the blue night to discoveronly true lovers have the magic touch.The Time Has Come

Someone who knows no fearI feel him nearThe child was born to be a king...And the time has come.
And now the story's just begunA thousand years to stay;We wake each morning with the sunTo live our dreams away...When the Night’s on Fire

I was hoping... could you be inspirationWhatever should become in the candlelight?I was dreaming... was it my imagination? Tomorrow never comes in the candlelight...
I was listening to the wind that walks in the hour;I never would have heard in the candlelightI was hoping... would you shelter me from showers?I believe every word in the candlelight...

=== Earth Moving (1989) ===

Harmony is always when I look around meAnd your smile I seeI can feel it surrounds meA miracle I find in your company.
One glance is all that I need;What I was searching for I've found it...
Holy, to me just one glance is holyOne touch of your heart to me that's holy...Hostage

You can't speak, you can't sleep,You daren't move, you're confused.You never talk, you can't walkYou can't feel, you're not real...
If I open my eyes just far enoughI can see what you're doing.Go on, fight to the end, it's though enoughWhen you're on the road of ruin!
You're a hostage of the heartTwisted 'round the smallest fingerTwo burning eyes are tearing you apartTurn your soul into a cinder!Far Country

She takes the rain, turns it to sun,And my soul she fills it.Where once was a desertRivers now run, and my storms she stills it...
She gives me hopeWhen there's nothing but pain;I can't explain it:Two different leavesBut the branch is the same...Forever let it be!She takes the rain...Innocent

I know you'll never stay the sameIn time, most of us lose it,But I'm hoping, just the same,You'll shine and learn how to use it.
Smile to me, like the very first smileYou are magnificent when you're innocent.Walk to meLike the very first walkYou are from heaven sent when you're innocent.Runaway Son

Save me, holy mother, please save me,I got a heart of gold...And for your love I'd go hungry and thirsty.I need a saviour and you're the one...I throw myself into the arms of mercy,There's still hope for the runaway son!See the Light

I've been waiting at this frontierAnd it seems like a hundred years,But I couldn't see past the gateI couldn't see past the hate.
Will-power, give me back some to survive,One more hour and I'm coming alive...I can see the light!And there's blue sky breakingThrough the edge of the night...I can see the light!
Now I climb the steps to freedom,The open gates, I can see them.Hands once I knewBeckoning me through,As the sunlight touch my face,I can feel the warm embrace;Arms surround me,My life has found me...Earth Moving

I feel a rush in the air tonight,I can feel the Earth moving.Love is beacon, a guiding light,can't you feel the Earth moving?
Feel the Earth move!Now I'm wrappedIn a sweet love's arms,Reaching out for you...
Reach out, it's a leap in the dark,But there's no danger of falling.Give out, give it straight from the heart,You feel the thunder rolling...Blue Night

To whole room her eyes are numb,As she reads from a true love story.From the pages of a book her lover comes,Her heart bleeds, it's a true love story.
Misty path and the night is endless,She could be a queenOr a desert princess.Hero takes her hand and leads her through...Who knows what this night will do?Only in the blue night he comes to herThat's when the whole nightBelongs to her.Nothing But/Bridge to Paradise

You know it's not too late to leave tomorrow,'cause I know where I'm going...I am building a bridge to Paradise!

=== Amarok (1990) ===
HEALTH WARNING: This record could be hazardous to the health of cloth-eared nincompoops. If you suffer from this condition, consult your Doctor immediately. (from the back-cover)Amarok

Hello everyone!I suppose that you think that nothing much is happening at the moment. Ah ah ah! Well, that's what I want to talk to you all about: endings. Now, endings normally happen at the end. But, as we all know, endings are just beginnings. You know, once these things really get started, it's jolly hard to stop them again.However, as we have all come this far, I think, under the circumstances, the best solution is that we all just keep going. Let's keep going inside, never an ending. Let's remember that this world wants fresh beginnings. I feel here, in this Country, and throughout the world, we are crying out for beginnings, beginnings!We never want to hear this word "endings". I know you don't want to sit down. Of course, you're looking for the good start. Of course you're looking for a fresh start. Isn't that charming? Do you know, I really feel I could dance...

=== Heaven's Open (1991) ===
Heaven’s Open

This is zero hour and there's no way backCan you feel that power in its arms you're wrappedAll through the night-timeTill the sun comes in?Now Heaven's OpenFly right in!Make-Make

Make-make...There's no way out no way inTo the hallowed halls of the inner ringYou're just a face in the crowdYou got no placeWhen you're down and out.
Monna Lisa, you can stop searching;don't you know we're not Virgin?No Dream

A restless flameSomeone calls your nameThrough the empty hallCasting shadows on the wallIn the sound of emptinessIsolationNowhere left to runNow the time has come...Mr. Shame

Down to the RiverWas this all someCry for love?It's a cry for love:Are you a victim ofThat Money BugIn your blood,Mr. Shame?Gimme Back

I need my handsI need my feetGimme my soulI'm incompleteI need my eyesI want my teethGimme my scopeGimme my beliefs.
I'm a fire without a flame, desert with no rain...

=== Tubular Bells III (1998) ===
Man in the Rain

You're the one who's nearlyBreaking my heart;Had your chanceYou just threw it all away.Living in a world thatYou could never be a part of,And now is a time to walk away.
How's it feel whenThere's time to remember?...Branches bare,Like the trees in november.Had it all,Threw it all away;Now's a time to walk away.Far Above the Clouds

And the Man in the rainPicked up his bag of secrets,And journeyed up the mountainsideFar above the clouds;And nothing was ever heard from him again,Except for the sound ofTubular Bells...

=== The Millennium Bell (1999) ===
Peace on Earth

Heaven and Earth are turningRound the Earth fire is burning.Sheltered from the cruel stormPeace on Earth is new bornSanta Maria

Far the horizonHove to the wind;We're sailing the seaTo the Edge of the World.Sunlight Shines Through the Cloud

"Twas grace that taughtMy heart to fear,And grace my fears reliev'd;How precious did that grace appear,The hour I first believ'd!"And I want to feel sun on my face,And I feel a shadow in its place,With the sunlight shines through cloud,When we're standing free, proud.
Thro' many dangers, toils and snares,I have already come;'tis grace has brought meSafe thus far,And grace will lead me home.The Lord has promis'd good to me,His Word my hope secures;He will my shield and portion be,As long as life endures.Liberation

When the birds sing outsideAnd you see the treesChanging into greenThe sun invites oneTo be out in the open air.When the sky is so blue, then,Oh! Then I wish for so much!.Amber Light

Amber lightOf this new morning,Amber light,Clear, bright and warming.OvernightThe Earth adorning...Amber light,A New Age is dawning....

=== Collection (2002) ===
Pictures in the Dark

Follow the light that glowsThrough your bedroom window,Tonight,  the fading twilight.There's a hollow deep in the woods,Where you know you're crazy to go,Not even meant to know there are...Pictures in the dark, I see all around,Voices calling underground;And I'm watching the stars since the world was found...One, two, three...
And in the deepest darkYou come to a maze, in the night,The fading twilight...And you shiver the glistening pathWhere you know you're crazy to go...

=== Tr3s Lunas (2002) ===
To Be Free

(Take a wish!)My wish is......To be free,To be wild,And to be justLike a child!
You're out in the cold,Sometimes,As far as you can see,Misty.You want to runInto the sun,The road is lost,Sand shifty.But suddendly, out of the blue,Some kind of magicPushes you through!You don't know when,How or why,But someday can take off, fly!

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