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Pedro Muñoz Seca (1879–1936) was a Spanish playwright, wit and humorist.

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I am starting to believe you are not intending to count me amongst your friends.
Last words, said just before he was executed by a firing squad during the spanish civil war.
Poverty makes social differences equal.
Sometimes tears make more good than laughter.
You can take my money from me; you can take my watch away; you can stripe me off my clothes; you may even can kill me. And yet, there is only a thing you will not be able to take away from me, no matter how hard you try: the fear I am feeling.
Said in november 1936 during the summary trial in which he was condemned to death.
Alas, I was wrong when I spoke those word: you are so skilled that you have been able to take even my fear away.
Said shortly afterwards during the trial.
I would rather pass by the statue of Cervantes by car today than let my children cross by mine on foot tomorrow.
Said in 1923 when he was criticized by several writers due to the light style of his nonetheless extremely popular plays.
It's all right for women to cry, as it is for men to remember.

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