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Fire Birds is a 1990 American action-thriller film about elite Apache helicopter pilots who are tasked with destroying powerful armed drug cartels operating in South America. 

Directed by David Green. Written by Paul F. Edwards, Nick Thiel and David Taylor.

== Brad Little ==
Mr. Preston, this operation will be a failure if we all die!Boy, you're going to be busier than a three-peckered goat.Rules of engagement: 1. Whoever sees the other person first is the winner; 2. Whoever gets seen first is toast.When we have mastered these tactics, we will use them to seek out and confront the forces of evil and kill them deader than hell![describing what he expects of his protégé] A 1st class all American hero with his heart and brain wired together cooking full tilt boogie for freedom and justice!Make that damn thing go away, son![demonstrating Apache's capabilities to Preston] You could crash this thing at twenty G's and survive, but I am NOT going to prove it to you!Once a helicopter battle has been engaged, someone is going to die. You boys do not have the speed to run away from a fight.

== Jake Preston ==
[to Brad] Well. That's very big of you, Little.I AM THE GREATEST!Time to throw the dog a bone, Breaker.[Jake is trying to rescue Guthrie from Stoller] You're not touching her, you filthy piece of shit!Oops. You blew it.

== Billie Le Guthrie ==
[commiserating with Jake after he fails a test] It's like sex, hardly anyone gets it right the first time.

== Dialogue ==
Jake: Breaker, strawberry gum?
Breaker: No.
Jake: How about you, sir. Strawberry gum?
Brad: [angrily] No!
Jake: [dead pan] It's delicious?

== Taglines ==
The best just got better.

== Cast ==
Nicolas Cage - Jake Preston
Tommy Lee Jones - Brad Little
Sean Young - Billy Lee Guthrie
Bryan Kestner - Breaker
Bert Rhine - Eric Stoller
Dale Dye - A.K. McNeill
Mary Ellen Trainor - Janet Little
J.A. Preston - General Olcott
Peter Onorati - Rice
Gabriel Lopez - Johny Signaleer

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