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Keith Ferrazzi is the co-author of the book Never Eat Alone about marketing and (human) networking.  He is CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a sales and marketing consulting firm.

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You can't get there alone.  In fact, you can't get very far at all.People who instinctively establish a strong network of relationships have always created great businesses.At every stage of my career, I sought out the most influential people around me and asked for their help and guidance.[Connecting is] a constant process of giving and receiving -- of asking for and receiving help.Our careers aren't paths so much as landscapes that are navigated.  We're free agents, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs -- each with our own unique brand.
pg. 17We have a tendency to romanticize independence.  Most business literature still views autonomy as a virtue, as though communication, teamwork, and cooperation were lesser values.

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