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Crooked may refer to:

Crooked Creek (disambiguation)
Crooked Island (disambiguation)
Crooked Lake (disambiguation)
Crooked River (disambiguation)
Crooked Harbour, Hong Kong
Crooked Forest, West Pomerania, Poland
Crooked Bridge, a railroad bridge in Saskatchewan, Canada
Crooked Media, an American left-wing political media company
The Crooked Castle, part of the Vilnius Castle Complex, Vilnius, Lithuania
Crooked (album), by Kristin Hersh
"Crocked", a 2006 film directed by Art Camacho
"Crooked", a 2008 song by Evil Nine
Crooked, original title of Game (2011 film), a Hindi action thriller
"Crooked", a 2013 song by G-Dragon
Crooked, a 2015 novel by Austin Grossman

== See also ==
Crooked I, stage name of American rapper Dominick Wickliffe
Crook (disambiguation)