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The Review of Litigation (TROL), established in 1980, at the University of Texas School of Law, is a student-managed publication dedicated to the process of litigation.  The Review balances the interests of academia with pragmatic issues important to practicing attorneys and judges.  The Review publishes on topics related to procedure, evidence, trial, and appellate advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, and often-litigated substantive law.  Published articles not only address issues pertinent to litigation practice, but also comment on substantive and theoretical aspects of the law. 
The Review annually publishes four issues including articles written by lawyers, judges or practitioners, and student notes written by staff members on The Review.  These articles are routinely cited in published court opinions.  In fact, The Review is the third most cited student-edited, specialty journal in the country and the most cited student-edited, civil litigation and dispute resolution journal in the country according to the Washington & Lee Law School Survey of published court decisions. In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court cited one of its articles. The subscription base includes judges, academics, corporations, firms, libraries, and sole-practitioners – more from outside of Texas, than within the state.
2014 marks the 34th year of publication of The Review.  Past authors reflect both the diversity of the readership and the subject areas covered.  Recently, The Review has published articles by professors, federal judges, and practitioners covering topics from fiduciary duty to homeland security.  
The Review organizes and hosts a symposium every year on an emerging legal topic or a changing aspect of the law.  These symposia are attended by practitioners, judges, academics, and students.  Past symposium topics include products liability, ethics and mass torts, conflicts of interest, medical and health care litigation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the modern jury trial.  Past speakers include Edward C. Prado (Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit), Patrick E. Higginbotham (Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit), and Scott A. Brister (Justice, The Supreme Court of Texas).
The Review solicits articles for publication year-round, especially articles that focus on arguments, issues, and points of view that have not yet received national attention, but would be helpful to attorneys throughout the country.
The full text of the articles and notes is available in many law libraries, on HeinOnline, on Westlaw and on LexisNexis.

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