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A galaxy is an astronomical system that consists of a large number of stars and other matter.
Galaxy may also refer to:

== Astronomy ==
The Milky Way, the galaxy containing the Earth's Sun, often referred to as just "The Galaxy"

== People with the name ==
Kaokor Galaxy, (born 1959), a Thai boxer and Khaosai's twin brother
Khaosai Galaxy (born 1959), a Thai boxer and Kaokor's twin brother

== Arts, entertainment, and media ==

=== Games ===
Galaxy Game, the second known coin-operated computer or video game, 1971
Galaxy (video game), a 1981 computer game from Avalon Hill
Star Wars Galaxies, a 2003 online game
Super Mario Galaxy, a 2007 video game
Super Mario Galaxy 2, its sequel

=== Literature ===
Galaxies, a 1980 book by Timothy Ferris
The Galaxy (a.k.a. The Milky Way), a 1929 novel by Susan Ertz

=== Music ===

==== Groups ====
Galaxy, a 2000s band including Emma McKenna and Katie Stelmanis
Galaxy, a 1980s band including Phil Fearon
The Galaxy, a Dutch anonym duo that produces future bass on Yellow Claw's record label Barong Family

==== Labels and recording/production studios ====
Galaxy Records, record label
Galaxy Studios, a multi-complex recording studio and post-production facility in Mol, Belgium

==== Albums, EPs, and soundtracks ====
Galaxy (Jeff Lorber Fusion album), 2012
Galaxy (Rockets album), 1980
Galaxy (War album)
Galaxies, a soundtrack by Kevin Braheny for the Hansen Planetarium show
Galaxies, an album by The Digital Age
The Galaxy, an EP by the Axe Murder Boyz

==== Songs ====
"Galaxies" (song), by synthpop band Owl City
"Galaxy" (Buck-Tick song), 2009
"Galaxy" (Jessica Mauboy song), featuring Stan Walker, 2011
"Galaxy" (Dannii Minogue song), released in 2017
"Galaxy Song" by Monty Python

=== Periodicals ===
Galaxy Science Fiction, American magazine published between 1950 and 1980, with a brief revival in 1994
The Galaxy (magazine), a 19th-century American monthly

=== Radio ===
Galaxy Birmingham, UK FM/DAB radio station
Galaxy Communications, a radio broadcasting company based in New York
Galaxy Digital, UK DAB radio station
Galaxy Manchester, UK FM/DAB radio station
Galaxy North East, UK FM/DAB radio station
Galaxy Scotland, UK FM/DAB radio station
Galaxy South Coast, UK FM/DAB radio station
Galaxy Yorkshire, UK FM/DAB radio station
The Galaxy Network, British radio network

=== Television ===
Galaxy (Australian television), broadcaster
Galaxy High, a 1986 American-Japanese science fiction animated series
Galaxy (UK TV channel), channel of British Satellite Broadcasting
Galaxy Television (Nigeria)

=== Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media ===
Galaxy Express 999, a manga
Galaxy National Book Awards, formerly the Galaxy British Book Awards
Galaxy Novels, their publishing venture

== Brands and enterprises ==
Galaxy (chocolate), a brand of milk chocolate
Galaxy Entertainment Group, a hotels and casinos operator in Macau
Galaxy Research, Australian market-research company
Galaxy Theatres, a US-based chain of movie theaters
Samsung Galaxy, mobile computing devices produced by Samsung Electronics

== Sports ==
Frankfurt Galaxy (ELF), an American-rules football team
Frankfurt Galaxy (NFL Europe), a defunct American-rules football team
LA Galaxy, an American soccer (football) club in Major League Soccer
The Galaxy (ATC), an Australian horse race
TS Galaxy F.C., a South African soccer (football) club

== Technology ==
Galaxy (computational biology), a scientific workflow and data integration system
Galaxy (satellite), a family of communications satellites operated by Intelsat
Galaxy (spacecraft), a space station prototype
Galaxy, the code name for the Sun Microsystems' SPARCserver 600MP series of computers

== Transportation ==

=== Air transportation ===
C-5 Galaxy, a military cargo airplane
Galaxy Airlines (disambiguation)
Gulfstream G200, also known as IAI 1126 Galaxy, a twin-engine business jet

=== Ground transportation ===
Dawes Galaxy, a bicycle
Ford Galaxy, a motor vehicle

=== Water transportation ===
MS Galaxy, a cruiseferry operated by Silja Line
MV Galaxy (radio ship), offshore home of 1960s pirate radio station Wonderful Radio London
MV Galaxy, a former Celebrity Cruises ship now named Mein Schiff 1
USS Galaxy (IX-54), a US Navy ship

== Other uses ==
Galaxy, a shopping centre in Szczecin, Poland
Galaxy, a British LGBT youth group, associated with G&Y magazine
Galaxy Towers, a condominium complex on the Hudson River waterfront in Guttenberg, New_Jersey
The galaxy of a hyperreal number in non-standard analysis

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