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Kaili (simplified Chinese: 凯里; traditional Chinese: 凱裡; pinyin: Kǎilǐ, Hmu language: Kad Linx) is a county-level city under the administration of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, in southeastern Guizhou province, People's Republic of China. It is the center of Miao culture, hosting more than 120 festivals every year. Kaili has a population of 478,642 in 2010 and is a major producer of rice.

== History ==
The name "Kaili" is from the Miao Hmu language, meaning "newly cultivated land".

== Miao people ==

A significant population of Miao and Gejia (officially classified as Miao) live in Kaili. Kaili is host to more than 120 Miao festivals throughout the year. The Miao are known for arts and crafts, including jewelry, embroidery, brocade, batik, and papercutting.

== Geography and climate ==
Kaili experiences a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cwa/Cfa) with cool, dry winters and hot, wet summers.
Kaili's area is 1,306 km2 (504 sq mi). The postal code for Kaili is 556000.

== Administration ==
Kaili City is divided 7 subdistricts, 9 towns and 2 townships. Dashizhi subdistrict is the city seat which houses Kaili City Government and Kaili City Council.

Subdistricts: Dashizi, Chengxi, Ximen, Yatang, Wanxi, Kaihuai, Ximahe
Towns: Sankeshu, Zhouxi, Panghai, Wanshui, Lushan, Wanchao, Longchang, Xiasi, Bibo
Townships: Kaitang, Dafengdong

== Education ==

=== Colleges ===
Kaili University (凯里学院)
Qiandongnan National Polytechnic College (黔东南民族职业技术学院)
GuiZhou Vocational Technology College of Electronics & Information (贵州电子信息职业技术学院)
Qiandongnan Radio and television university (黔东南州广播电视大学)
Kaili Career Technical College (凯里工业职业技术学院)
Qiandongnan state school of administration (黔东南行政学院)

=== Technical school ===
Guizhou Agricultural mechanical and electrical school (贵州省农业机电学校)
Kaili first vocational technical school (凯里市第一职业技术学校)
Qiandongnan School of Applied Technology (黔东南应用技术学校)
Qiandongnan national medium vocational technical school (黔东南州民族中等职业技术学校)
Qiandongnan Vocational and technical school (黔东南州电子工业职业技术学校)

=== Secondary school ===
Kaili No.1 High School of Guizhou Province

== Transportation ==

=== Road ===
China National Highway 320
S308, S306

=== Expressway ===
Yuqing–Anlong Expressway, Kaili–Leishan Expressway

=== Railway ===
Shanghai–Kunming High-Speed Railway-Kaili South Railway Station
Shanghai–Kunming Railway-Kaili Railway Station

=== Airport ===
Kaili City is served by Kaili Huangping Airport located at Huangping County.

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