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Ensenada is a Spanish word meaning bay. 
Ensenada may also refer to:

== Boats ==
Ensenada 20, an American sailboat design

== People ==
N. Senada, a possible composer who is said to have collaborated with the rock band The Residents
Marquis of Ensenada (1702–1781), a Spanish statesman

== Places ==
Ensenada, Baja California, a city in Mexico
Ensenada Municipality, a subdivision of the Mexican state of Baja California
Ensenada, Buenos Aires, a city in Argentina
Ensenada Partido, a subdivision of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Ensenada, a small locality next to Puerto Varas, Chile
Ensenada, New Mexico
Ensenada, Guánica, Puerto Rico, a barrio
Ensenada, Rincón, Puerto Rico, a barrio
La Ensenada, Panama