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Polianthes  is a formerly recognized genus of plants in family Asparagaceae, subfamily Agavoideae. molecular phylogenetic studies showed that Polianthes is embedded within the larger genus Agave, which has been expanded to include it. (See Agave § Taxonomy.) One of its former members is the tuberose, Agave amica, formerly Polianthes tuberosa, a plant that is commonly used in perfume making.

== Species ==
All the species formerly placed in Polianthes are endemic to Mexico, although Agave amica has become naturalized in other places. Some species now included in Agave are listed below with synonyms from the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.

Polianthes bicolor E.Solano, Camacho & García-Mend. = Agave bicolor
Polianthes densiflora (B.L.Rob. & Fernald) Shinners = Agave Agave confertiflora
Polianthes durangensis Rose = Agave palustris
Polianthes elongata Rose = Agave producta
Polianthes geminiflora (Lex.) Rose = Agave coetocapnia
Polianthes howardii Verh.-Will. = Agave howardii
Polianthes longiflora Rose = Agave dolichantha
Polianthes michoacana M.Cedano, Delgad. & Enciso = Agave michoacana
Polianthes montana Rose = Agave rosei
Polianthes multicolor E.Solano & Dávila = Agave multicolor
Polianthes nelsonii Rose = Agave neonelsonii
Polianthes oaxacana García-Mend. & E.Solano = Agave oaxacana
Polianthes palustris Rose = Agave palustris
Polianthes platyphylla Rose = Agave platyphylla
Polianthes pringlei Rose = Agave neopringlei
Polianthes sessiliflora (Hemsl.) Rose = Agave apedicellata
Polianthes tuberosa L. = Agave amica
Polianthes zapopanensis E.Solano & Ríos-Gómez = Agave zapopanensis

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