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Joseph Graybill (April 17, 1887 – August 3, 1913)  was an American silent film actor. He appeared in several films directed by D.W. Griffith.
Graybill joined the Biograph Company around 1909 in New York City. By 1910 Griffith was the main director. Graybill worked with Biograph in 1911 in California.

== Life ==
Joseph Graybill was born Harold Graybill in Kansas City, Missouri on April 14, 1887 to Clarence Frank and Henrietta ("Hattie") E. Graybill. For many years his mother, Henrietta E. Graybill, worked as a Christian Science practitioner. He had a sister named Gladys. From 1894 to 1900 the family lived in Atchison, Kansas. The 1900 U.S. Federal Census shows Graybill, age 14, living in Atchison City, Kansas with his mother and sister. His occupation is listed as "at school". From 1901 to at least 1905 Graybill lived in Milwaukee.
Sometime between 1892 and 1903 Harold's father died. City directories for Kansas City show Frank C. Graybill in 1889 and 1891. A 1903 Milwaukee city directory lists Henrietta as the widow of a man named Frank. The 1905 Wisconsin census shows Harold Graybill living in Milwaukee with his mother and sister Gladys. Harold is listed with the occupation of actor.

== Career ==
Very little is known about Graybill's film and stage career. It is unclear when Graybill left Milwaukee. His first appearance was in a film released in 1909 titled The Light That Came  directed by D.W. Griffith.
A few newspaper accounts mention Graybill stage and film acting. In October 1910 Graybill performed in a play titled Miss Patsy (by Sewell Collins) at the (now demolished) Belasco Theatre in Washington, D.C. His character was named Dr. Philip Gentry. In May 1908 Graybill appeared in a performance of "The Witching Hour" by Augustus Thomas at a Cedar Rapids, Iowa theater. In October 1909 he appeared in a performance of "Vasta Herne" by Edward Peple in Des Moines, Iowa. A newspaper review noted that the play opened the three weeks prior in Milwaukee.A Wisconsin newspaper noted in July 1916 that a film titled "Saved From Himself" was reissued. The paper stated that Mabel Normand appeared opposite "the late Joseph Graybill. Mr. Graybill, it will be remembered, was a young actor of unusual promise who died three years ago."Two photos of Graybill can be found in the book When the Movies Were Young by Linda Arvidson Griffith (1969). The photos depict scenes in "How She Triumphed" and "The Italian Barber".

== Death ==
Graybill died in New York City on August 3, 1913 according to his death certificate. Different records state conflicting information as to the cause of death. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) lists it as acute spinal meningitis. The first death notice in the New York Times contradicts the death certificate as to the day of death - it lists the cause of death on August 2 as a nervous breakdown. An obituary on August 4 lists the cause as gastritis. Graybill's death certificate and the first death notice both note he entered Bellevue Hospital July 24. The death certificate states that the cause of death was acute pachymeningitis and a contributory factor was alcohol poisoning.

== Filmography ==
The Wizard of the Jungle (1913) (as Joe Graybill) .... Captain Hanscombe
Saving Mabel's Dad (1913)
The God Within (1912) .... In Bar
The Star of Bethlehem (1912) .... Roman messenger
Brutality (1912) .... The Victim of Anger
The Informer (1912) .... Union Soldier
Gold and Glitter (1912) .... Lumberman
The Painted Lady (1912) .... The Stranger
The Ring of a Spanish Grandee (1912) .... The Suitor
Rejuvenation (1912) .... The Lighthouse Keeper's Friend
A Love of Long Ago (1912) .... Pedro, the Spy
The Girl of the Grove (1912) .... The Wooer
For Sale—A Life (1912) .... The Ill Husband
The Root of Evil (1912)
Flying to Fortune (1912) .... The Invalid Father
The Arab's Bride (1912) .... The Buyer of the Moor's Daughter
The Silent Witness (1912) .... The Blackmailer
On Probation (1912) .... The Younger Brother
A Blot on the 'Scutcheon (1912) .... A Nobleman
The Voice of the Child (1911) .... The False Friend
Saved from Himself (1911) .... The Young Clerk
The Failure (1911) .... At Fiancée's House
Through Darkened Vales (1911) .... Howard
The Battle (1911) .... A Union Officer
Love in the Hills (1911) .... The City Suitor
The Long Road (1911) .... In Bar
The Adventures of Billy (1911) .... Second Tramp
Italian Blood (1911)
The Making of a Man (1911) .... Actor/Backstage
The Baron (1911) .... The Baron's Friend
The Diving Girl (1911) .... A Bather
Out from the Shadow (1911)
The Last Drop of Water (1911) .... John
A Country Cupid (1911) .... The Half-Wit
Bobby, the Coward (1911) .... First Thug
The Primal Call (1911) .... The Millionaire
Enoch Arden: Part II (1911) .... Dead Shipmate
Enoch Arden: Part I (1911) .... A Shipwrecked Sailor
A Romany Tragedy (1911)
The White Rose of the Wilds (1911) .... Second Outlaw
The Crooked Road (1911) .... An Evil Companion
The New Dress (1911) .... At Wedding/At Market/At Cafe
How She Triumphed (1911) .... The Sweetheart
Madame Rex (1911)
Priscilla and the Umbrella (1911) (as Joe Graybill) .... Paul
Priscilla's April Fool Joke (1911) .... Harry
The Lonedale Operator (1911) (uncredited) .... A Tramp
Teaching Dad to Like Her (1911) .... Harry
Was He a Coward? (1911) .... Hilton's Friend
Conscience (1911) .... The Hunter
A Decree of Destiny (1911) .... Kenneth Marsden
The Heart of a Savage (1911)
Fisher Folks (1911) .... At Fair
His Trust (1911) .... Union soldier
Help Wanted (1911) .... Jack
The Italian Barber (1911) .... Tony
Winning Back His Love (1910) .... At Stage Door
White Roses (1910) .... At Party
The Lesson (1910) .... James, Reverend Hollister's Son
His Sister-In-Law (1910)
Happy Jack, a Hero (1910)
Turning the Tables (1910) .... Mr. Peck
Effecting a Cure (1910) .... On Street
The Fugitive (1910)
The Broken Doll (1910) .... Victim of Massacre
In Life's Cycle (1910) .... In Bar
An Old Story with a New Ending (1910) .... Jay Downs
When We Were in Our Teens (1910) .... Howard
The House with Closed Shutters (1910) .... Her suitor
An Arcadian Maid (1910) .... In Gambling Hall
The Call to Arms (1910) .... The Lord's Cousin
As the Bells Rang Out! (1910) .... Wedding Guest
A Flash of Light (1910) .... Horace Dooley
What the Daisy Said (1910) (uncredited) .... The Gypsy
A Midnight Cupid (1910) .... At Party
Muggsy's First Sweetheart (1910) .... One of Muggsy's Friends
A Child's Impulse (1910) .... The Other Man
The Marked Time-Table (1910) .... Tom Powers
The Face at the Window (1910) .... Ralph Bradford's Son
A Victim of Jealousy (1910) .... At Reception/In Office
The Purgation (1910) .... One of the Misguided Youths
The Light That Came (1909)

== Stage ==
Miss Patsy by Sewell Collins
Vasta Herne by Edward Peple
The Witching Hour by Augustus Thomas

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