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David A. Hartman (1936 – November 24, 2015) was a 1994 candidate for Texas State Treasurer, businessman, and bank owner in the Austin, Texas area.
During his earlier large-corporation experience, he worked in product and process development, market and economic research, strategic planning and plant management—culminating in Manufacturing and Development Director of Mobil Chemicals, LTD.’s, Polymer Division. Since then he served for 33 years as CEO of manufacturing, transportation and banking companies, including Hartland Bank in the Austin area which he founded in 1990, having pulled through the banking bust of the late 1980s.Hartman devoted attention to public policy, most particularly the fiscal economics of government spending, taxation, financial markets, welfare, and education at the state and national levels. He served as Chairman of two subcommittees of the 1986 Special Committee on Organization of State Agencies. He has also given formal testimony before the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, The Texas Legislature, and The President’s Panel on Tax Reform.Hartman was chairman and CEO of the Lone Star Foundation, a conservative state politics think-tank in Austin, Texas for 15 years, and of the Rockford Institute, an American culture and politics think-tank in Rockford, Illinois. The Lone Star Foundation published The Lone Star Report, a weekly journal of Texas political news and commentary.
Hartman held a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude from Case Western Reserve University, and a Master of Business Administration degree with distinction from Harvard University.

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