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Bernd Hengst (born 1943 or 1942) is a German Neonazi and terrorist. He founded the right-wing terrorist group named after him Wehrsportgruppe Hengst. The group was the first uncovered Right-wing terrorist group after WWII in the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD).
Bernd Hengst was a trained electrician. He was convicted in 1963 in the GDR for the Terrorist attacks to a ten years sentence in prison. After his early dismissal in 1966, he fled to the Federal Republic of Germany and was appointed in 1967 NPD member. He lived in Bad Godesberg until his arrest.
He joined the NPD Guarding service (Ordnungsdienst) and formed an armed group within it. NPD dissolved Ordnungsdienst, but the group continued as Wehrsportgruppe Hengst. On 2 October 1968, Hengst attacked the office of German Communist Party, DKP with an automatic small-caliber rifle.
Hengst and the NPD neonazi Rüdiger Krauss were checked two years later during a traffic control  near Kuchenheim. At the inspection, the police officers found a Beretta submachine gun wrapped in paper on the back seat. During the following house searches, the police found large quantities of weapons as well as Nazi propaganda.
Hengst had private contact to the informant of German Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst) Helmut Bärwald. Bärwald helped him to get a job as night-guard at the head office of the German Democratic Party, SPD in Bonn in the year 1970. Thus, Hengst had access to all the rooms of the Social Democratic headquarters. According to the findings of the Constitutional Protection (Bundeverfassungsschutz), the group Hengst had "serious acts of violence against persons and objects" during the  Carnival season in the Rhineland. Possible targets were ammunition depots and the SPD federal headquarters in Bonn.

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