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James Barr may refer to:

James Barr (author) (born 1976), British author who writes mainly on the Middle East
James Barr (composer) (1779–1860), Scottish composer; composed the tune which inspired that which is now used for "Waltzing Matilda"
James Barr (politician) (1862–1949), British Labour Party politician; MP for Motherwell, 1924–1931; Coatbridge, 1935–1945
James Barr (biblical scholar) (1924–2006), British Old Testament scholar and philologist
James R. Barr (1884–1910), Scottish engineer and lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh
James Clayton Barr (1856–1937), Commodore of the Cunard line
Jim Barr (born 1948), American baseball player
Anthony James Barr (born 1940), also known as Jim Barr, American software engineer
James Barr (physician) (1849–1938), Irish physician

== See also ==
James Barr Ames (1846–1910), American law educator
Mark Barr (James Mark McGinnis Barr, 1871–1950), American electrical engineer
James Fugaté (1922–1995), American author who used the pseudonym James Barr