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"Cruel" is a song written and performed by Tori Amos. It was released as the third single from her 1998 album From the Choirgirl Hotel. In the United States it was released as a double A-side single with "Raspberry Swirl", off the same album.

== Track listings ==
"Cruel" was released in the United States and Canada as a double A-side with "Raspberry Swirl".

=== US and Canada CD single ===
"Cruel" (Shady Feline Mix) – 3:51
"Raspberry Swirl (Lip Gloss Version) – 3:41
"Ambient Raspberry Swirl" (Scarlet Spectrum Feels) – 8:10
"Mainline Cherry" (Ambient Spark) – 5:11

=== US 7" vinyl single (Atlantic 7-84412) ===
"Raspberry Swirl" (Lip Gloss Version) – 3:39
"Cruel" (Shady Feline Mix) – 3:49

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