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Motu Tane (which in Tahitian translates as Man's Island), is a 9.6-acre (0.039 km2) private island in the lagoon of Bora Bora in French Polynesia.
It is the located between Paahi, and Pitoraverahi.

== History ==
Motu Tane is well known in Bora Bora as having been Paul-Emile Victor's home. Paul-Emile Victor was the famous French polar explorer and author and chose as his personal paradise refuge Motu Tane in Bora Bora, to live a peaceful and secluded life.
The island has coconut groves, encircled by a white sand beach with, just beyond, Polynesia's sparkling turquoise blue waters. 
In 1997, it was purchased by François Nars, artistic director of the well-known cosmetic brand that he founded which carries his name.
As of 2020, it is for sale.

== Administration ==
The island is part of Bora Bora Commune.

== Tourism ==
The island is up for sale 

== Transportation ==
After arriving in Fa'a'ā International Airport, an Air Tahiti inter-island flight (50 minutes) will bring you to Bora Bora Airport.
There, you will need to hire a boat at the Rent-a-boat Office. 

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