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Jaret Goes to the Movies is a weekly podcast created by Jaret Reddick and Rich Coleman. The first episode, about Back to the Future, was released on October 23, 2015. Jaret Goes To The Movies was really the idea of co-creator Rich Coleman. Rich met Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup/ Phineas and Ferb/ Chuck E Cheese) at a get together (the circumstances are a whole other story) and decided that Jaret needed to do a podcast. So he presented the idea of doing a movie podcast together. 
Fast forward to 4 years and over 190 episodes later, Jaret is now joined on the show by his trivia loving friend Eric Dillow, and of course, his lovely wife Casey, and Producer Sean! The dynamic of the show has never been better and new features are popping up all the time! The show features round-table discussions on favorite movies from the one or more of the hosts' past and the podcast maintains its tagline, "This is movie commentary with no movie knowledge". In 2016, Jaret Goes to the Movies was nominated for People's Choice Podcast Awards in the TV/Film category.

== Panelists ==
The podcast is hosted by Jaret Reddick, lead singer of Bowling for Soup and Jarinus. It is co-hosted by Eric Dillow, Jaret's wife Casey and Sean, the show's producer.

=== Notable guests ===
Brian Vander Ark, lead singer of The Verve Pipe
Marshall Teague
Dean Cameron
Blake Wharton, American Supercross Rider
Todd Duffey, Brian from Office Space
Chris Warner, American actor
Bam Margera
Chef Joey Allete
Diego Verduzco 
Brian O'Halloran 
Marilyn Ghigliotti 
Keith Reber(Drummer for Salt N Pepa and formerly Vanilla Ice and Sugar Ray)
Josh Goode, Musician
Anthony Michael Hall
Jason David Frank

== Format ==
Jaret Goes to the Movies episodes are between an hour and two hours long starting with a sound bite from the film being covered. Earlier episodes of the show consisted of Reddick and Coleman talking about where they lived and what was going on in their lives around the time the movie was originally released as well as talking about the opening scene in detail. After a while, the show settled into the Episode Outline listed below.

=== Episode outline ===
Show host/guest introductions and general conversation
Supporter shout-out's
Film introduction and synopsis
Discussion about the movie's cast
Audio clips plot discussion using 9 notable moments from the movie in sequential order
Mailbag, Facebook, and Twitter Q&A
The "5 Questions" game where a Skyped-in Patreon supporter is inserted into the middle of the show after the recording (during the editing process).

=== Segments/bits ===
"Game of 5 Questions"... where they ask 6 questions and the high score is 7 (It switched to a "versus" format on episode #84)
"...This Just In" (They discuss an actor and then realize they have passed away)
"Take One Performance" (Jaret and Eric perform a song from the movie live on the show, with no previous rehearsing the song)

=== Preshow ===
There's a preshow that is recorded and made available only to Patreon supporters of the show.

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