[<< wikipedia] Union of Ukrainians in Pridnestrovie
The Union of Ukrainians in Pridnestrovie is a non-governmental organization based in Transnistria (official shortform name: Pridnestrovie). Its president is Vladimir Bodnar, an ethnic Ukrainian born in Transnistria.
The union is composed of ethnic Ukrainians. It acts as a federation of local clubs and civic organizations of Ukrainians throughout Transnistria. It represents the minority population in conferences abroad, and has secured the support of the Kyiv-based World Congress of Ukrainians which publicly declared its readiness to "protect Transnistria's right to independence".[1]
Of the 35 nationalities represented in Transnistria, ethnic Ukrainians make up 28.8 percent.[2]. Along with ethnic Russians (30.3 percent), slavs form a majority of the population in Transnistria.