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Napa may refer to:

== Places ==
Napa, California, the county seat of Napa County, California
Ayia Napa, a resort in Cyprus
Napa County, California, United States
Napa River, California
Napa Valley AVA, an "American Viticultural Area" designated wine region
Rancho Napa, an 1838 Mexican land grant

== Organizations ==
Napa Valley College, community college in Napa Valley
National Adaptation Programme of Action
National Amateur Press Association, see amateur press association
National Automotive Parts Association, owner of NAPA auto parts
North Adriatic Ports Association
The Nordic Institute in Greenland (Nunani Avannarlerni Piorsarsimassutsikkut Attaveqaat)

== People ==
Napa Kiatwanchai (born 1967), Thai World Boxing Council straw weight champion
Dylan Napa (born 1992), Australian Rugby League player
Ian Napa (born 1978), European bantamweight boxing champion
Selina Napa, Cook Islands politician

== Other uses ==
NAPA (gene), N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein, alpha
N-Acetylprocainamide (acecainide), an anti-arrhythmic drug
MV Napa, a 1999 passenger ferry
Napa cabbage, a type of Chinese cabbage
Nappa leather, a type of full-grained sheep leather
Napa platform, an Intel Centrino platform for laptop computers
North American Phonetic Alphabet
USS Napa, four US Navy ships

== See also ==
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