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Trustrup station is a railway station serving the village of Trustrup in Jutland, Denmark. The station opened in 1886 with the opening of the Randers-Ryomgaard-Grenaa Line. The train services are currently operated by the railway company DSB which run frequent local train services between Aarhus and Grenaa as part of the Aarhus Commuter Rail service.

== History ==
The station opened on 26 August 1876 as the railway company Østjyske Jernbane (ØJJ) opened the railway line Randers-Ryomgaard-Grenaa from Randers to Grenaa. In 1877, ØJJ opened a branch line from Ryomgård to Aarhus, and just a few years later the trains starting running directly between Grenaa and Aarhus, with the Ryomgård-Randers section being reduced to a branch line used mostly for rail freight transport until it was closed altogether on 2 May 1971.
In 1901, Trustrup station became the northern terminus of the Ebeltoft Line to the town of Ebeltoft. From 1932, however, all trains on the Ebeltoft Line were continued on the tracks on the Grenaa Line from Trustrup to Grenaa. The Ebeltoft Line was closed in 1968.

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