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The Dantiwada Dam is a mud and masonry dam on the West Banas River near Dantiwada, Banaskantha district of northern Gujarat in India. The dam was constructed in 1965 mainly for irrigation and flood control.
111 total villages are under command of the Dantiwada Dam, of which 12 villages are partially submerged. Total land submerged under the reservoir include 1,215 hectares (3,000 acres; 4.69 sq mi) forest land, 810 hectares (2,000 acres; 3.1 sq mi) wasteland, 2,025 hectares (5,000 acres; 7.82 sq mi) cultivable land.It irrigated 50,284 hectares (124,250 acres; 194.15 sq mi) in 1994-95.The Dantiwada Dam failed in 1973, 8 years after it was constructed.On April 10, 2015, Gujarat Chief Minister dedicated Rs. 110 crore to the Dantiwada Dam oriented group water supply project benefiting 123 villages of 3 talukas.

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